By @lexie


By @lexie

This story is teaching adults and kids about kindness.

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Chapter 1


I was walking on the sidewalk and a skateboarder is coming my way.

“ Watchout!” He yelled,

He came by and bumped me. I fell to the ground and got a scraped knee. I saw him look back at me. He turned around.

“Do you need help?” He asked,

He helped me off of the ground. He gave me a band aid.

“ Where were you headed so quickly if I may know?” I asked,

“ To my grandmas house. She needed band aids.” He said.

“ What is your name? My name is Savannah.” I told him,

“ Brady is my name. I am so sorry for acting rude to you.” He smiled. 

“Stay here I will go get my car it is down the road. I will take you to my grandmas to get cleaned up.” He yelled

I saw his car pull up. He got out and opened the door for me. We came to a stop and he opened the door for me again and lead me to the front door to his grandmas house.

“Did you get the band aids?” Said the sweet old lady,

Brady gave her the bag.

I didn’t plan on having dinner today day but I stayed. It was nice to have someone that acted rude to me turn out to be someone that was actually caring. I walked outside and Brady comes out behind me and hugs me. I let him forgetting what time it is. I get tired and Brady leads me to the guest bedroom for the night while he sleeps on the couch.

The next morning

I woke up and head to the kitchen. I am trying to be quiet hoping not to wake anyone up. I wash all of the dishes from last night. I found a pan to make eggs and a different pan to make pancakes. I heard Brady shuffling on the couch. He comes out to the kitchen.

“Whatcha cookin Savannah?” He yawns,

I am almost done with you plate. I hand him his plate. He smiles and thanks me. I finally forgive him for what he did yesterday.

“I am sorry for what I did.” He says.

“ It is ok I am over it. I had gotten scratched and scraped knees before it is nothing.” I smile

I gave his grandma her plate in bed. I leave the bedroom and eat by Brady. I soon get all of the plates and wash them. I snuggle up in a blanket and soon to fall asleep by my crush. This is the story of how we became friends.

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