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By @AprilHill


Everything comin at me like a


I want to curl up

Sit down in the corner

Just cry myself to sleep

But this ain’t the time for that

This ain’t the time for givin up

Gotta keep my eyes up

and yes, they’ll fill with tears

every now and again.

sometimes every day

for hours on end

But right now?

I don’t have the option

Of sleeping

Of letting go

like I’ve done in the past

sitting on the couch

and letting my life run by

Just because life has tried

To ruin me

Time and again

I don’t have the option

Of letting it ruin me

This time

This time

I’ve gotta keep my head up

Keep moving forward

Keep beatin that ground until I win

Just like the heroes I watch

On tv

Maybe I’ll never be faster

Than a speeding bullet

Or fly with a cape flapping behind me

But I can fight my inner battles

The small victories nobody sees

Those are the ones that matter

When I fight the thoughts of death

When I look forward to the future

I will keep fighting and winning

even when I lose.

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