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This story is about a village in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu named Kathiramangalam. The Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC) tries to start a Methane Project over there. How the villagers fight the case forms the crux of the story.

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Chapter 1

Methane Project

It was a normal day in Kathiramangalam, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu where it was sunny and windy at the same time, but our situation wasn’t that great as me and my family got into debt due to the drought which was going for like more than 6 months and our crops died, so we were struggling a lot to make a living. I came out of my house went to the Cauvery River to take a bath. When I went to the river, it was same as usual: No water. I was feeling very bad as there was no water in the Cauvery River for more than 6 months.

I was very disappointed and needed to use drinking water to bath and it got wasted. After doing my routine hygiene, suddenly a young teen came running to my house panting. I asked him what happened and he said that recently ONGC Company has decided to extract Methane in our own Kathiramangalam village and that villagers had gathered to the Village Administrative Officer’s Office in order to protest against this issue. I then got shocked immediately got ready and rushed to the Village Administrative Officer’s Office with my wife.

When I came to the Village Administrative Office, I was really shocked by the scenario. Majority of the villagers are sitting in the floor outside of the office demanding for the V.A.O. to come out and hear our pleadings. I joined them and raised slogans for justice and against ONGC Methane Project. The V.A.O. didn’t come out of his office and instead the police team came to the scenario and then the V.A.O. came out. The V.A.O. and the Police Inspector started to threaten to go away in 5 minutes or face lathicharge. We spoke with the other protesters whether to leave or stay. We decided together that we will stay and protest against it.

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