Justin and Callie

By @Roro3566

Justin and Callie

By @Roro3566

Things seemed lovely as a couple strolling the streets, they were happy and so in love... until things took a turn for the worst.

Chapter 1

A Girl in A Bar

February 22, 2020

A Girl in A Bar

I stood there a stranger in someone else’s life, watching as a guest, the night was cold and snowy. A couple was walking arm in arm I couldn’t see their faces they were distorted but they seemed beautiful I could tell. She had gorgeous strawberry blonde hair, and he was tall with dark hair. The couple laughed and you could tell they were so in love so happy, but things aren’t always as they seem. I watched them enter an apartment building, next thing I know I’m standing in the dining room the woman was in the kitchen icing a cake the man was in the bed room playing video games. I watched him, he was frustrated his team mates were not performing well and cost him the game. He sat there and yelled over his mic to his friends. She walks in with the cake it’s a simple cake, white frosting with pink and blue sprinkles, the decoration is what caught my attention. There were little babies with pink and blue bows on top of the cake, she was going to tell him she was pregnant, I got really excited I love watching pregnancy announcements. She sat on the bed and he looked at her with confusion on his face she smiled at him he didn’t notice the cake or the decorations, he simply asked “what’s this for?”

She looked at him and shook her head “look at it”

His gazed slipped from hers and he noticed the babies still confused his eyes wandered back to hers and he said “I’m… what are you saying?”

She sighed she knew this could’ve gone one of two ways but she was hoping for the latter. “I’m pregnant” she said reluctantly

He took off his head set and sat up on the bed he looked at her with his brows furrowed and he couldn’t seem to wrap his head around the idea of being a father. Panic and fear spread throughout his body he wasn’t ready for this. I tilted my head trying to understand what he was feeling but all I could feel was fear and hesitation.

He stood up and started pacing “how could this happen… we aren’t ready for this” “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?” He shouted this time. The fear and panic replaced with anger and resentment “I told you I didn’t want kids”

She sat there in silence, scared, and alone as he continued in his rampage. I felt for her in that moment and all I wanted to do was rush to her and hold her hand. She wasn’t ready either, tears slowly welled in her eyes as she tried to compose herself. She walked out of the room and he stormed after her.

She looked at him through her teary eyes and said “Look I know you aren’t, we aren’t ready for this. We can be they have books and classes, we can do this you’d make a wonderful father.”

He laughed “I don’t know how to be a father, you know this is why I don’t want kids I can’t do this.”

He walked from the dining room back to the room the door slammed and she jolted at the sound of it.

He came out just as swiftly as he went in fully dressed with his jacket on.

“I’ll be back later” he said through gritted teeth

She was crying hard now holding on to the counter for support she couldn’t think and she didn’t have words for him.

She didn’t try to stop him she let him leave, he punched the wall on his way out and slammed the door behind him. She sank to the floor, pulling her knees to her chest. I wanted to stay with her to sit with her, but I was drawn to follow him. I sat with her for a few seconds with my hand over hers before I made my way out the door.

He walked fast, I caught up to him at a cross walk and I peered at him tilting my head trying to see what could’ve happened to him that would make him so upset to be a father. Maybe he grew up without one? Maybe he was abused? Did he even have parents of his own? Was his childhood so harsh that he was incapable of loving a child? Or was he too wrapped up in himself to even think about having a kid? Nobody is ever ready to be a parent, I certainly wasn’t, but none the less I was excited. I looked over at my surroundings, I realized I had no idea where I was. I saw cars and bright signs, New York. The light changed and we were able to cross, we walked a total of 7 blocks before reaching a destination. A bar. Of course I shook my head as he sat down at the bar. He ordered a whiskey neat I sat next to him he sighed, he was overwhelmed.

The night was boring he just drank and I just sat there and watched him. The bar was empty except a couple tables one had a group of women who were gawking at him I laughed. I walked over to them and sat at their table. They talked about how he was so mysterious and dangerous looking. One woman said “I’m going to go sit with him” The others agreed with much excitement for their brave friend. I shook my head in disappointment, poor girl had no idea what she was in for.

She chugged the rest of her drink stood up “How does my lipstick look” one friend reached over and wiped her lip, teased her hair, patted her on the butt “You got his babe, go get em! Go********”

The woman laughed and flushed red “You guys are crazy love you! I’ll let you know how it goes”

She walks over to the bar I walked behind her.

She looked at him and said “Hey, is anyone sitting here?”

He wasn’t interested “No” he replied.

She took note of his disinterest but decided to sit down anyways she waved the bartender over “I’ll get a martini dirty, and another” she looked over at the guy sitting next to her “whiskey neat?” she asked him

He tore his gaze from the empty drink in his hand “uh, yeah sure.”

She nodded “another whiskey neat for my friend here” the bartender nodded.

“I’m Callie” she said extending her hand.

“Justin” he replied shaking her hand. Ah Justin that’s his name. He looks like a Justin for sure.

“It’s nice to meet you Justin, what brings you out on this Tuesday night?” Callie asked.

“Just needed some air” Justin replied his mind slipped back to his girlfriend he had left crying guilt washed over him, he stood up.

“I should probably get going” he said as the bartender delivered their drinks.

Callie looked at him “Just one drink” she smiled touching his arm.

The guilt left just as quickly as it had arrived he sat down “Alright Callie, just one drink.” He smiled back at her.

I looked at him in amazement. You should’ve just gone home Justin. This is bad. My mind wandered back to the woman he had left crying and broken. She was in such a vulnerable state and I felt really bad for her as I sat here watching Justin and Callie. I also felt for Callie, she didn’t know anything about him. I tore away from my thoughts to re-engage in their conversation. Before I knew it they had several drinks together. They were laughing and Callie was touching on him. Justin invited her, with his hand running up her leg. I so badly wanted to intervene, I wanted to pull him from his chair and smack him.

“Let’s get out of here” Callie said “We can go to my place” she bit her bottom lip.

Justin smirked “Yeah, let’s go.” He stood up and grabbed her jacket from her chair helped her put it on and then did his own.

They walked out of the bar together Callie was tripping over herself laughing, holding onto Justin for balance. He laughed and helped her walk they both had a little too much to drink. Callie waved a taxi over and they piled in.

We arrived at another set of apartment buildings. Callie paid the taxi driver and they sauntered over to the door. Callie pulled out her keys unlocking the door and pushed it open they walked up to her floor and into her apartment.

“Would you like something to drink?” Callie asked him while undoing the straps on her heels.

“Do you have whiskey?” Justin replied taking his jacket off.

“Sure do” She said walking over to her kitchen.

She came back with two glasses of whiskey and the bottle tucked under her arm.

Things got pretty heated as Callie climbed onto Justin’s lap they kissed and slowly articles of clothing started coming off.

I was extremely uncomfortable watching and a rage burned within me wanting to yell at Justin for being an idiot. I don’t know how someone could do this. I went to the balcony and sat out there looking up at the moon, watching the snow fall it really was so serene.

I don’t know how long it had been since I was out there, I heard a loud crash and glass break. I looked with annoyance through the window, I can’t believe I’m witnessing this. Men really suck. I didn’t expect to see what I saw. I didn’t know how things went from sex to this so quickly. What the hell did I miss? Callie lay on the floor over a broken coffee table Justin stood over her in a full rage. He was so angry. I walked back into the room desperately wanting to help her.

“You should’ve just let me go Callie, now look what you made me do” he said crying he sat on the couch

“Please” Callie whispered “Just leave” she cried out

Justin stood up “I can’t leave if she finds out… she can’t find out.” He walked over to her and knelt beside her. He played with her hair, “I can’t let her find out.”

Callie was frozen in fear, in that moment she saw me “Please help” and I did I tried to help her but I couldn’t I was there but I wasn’t there. I was just observing an uninvited guest and I wasn’t sure why.

Justin looked at her and smirked “nobody is going to help you.”

He wrapped his hands around her neck and I watched as the life slipped from her body.

I sank against the wall, my heart pounding, why did I have to watch this what did this even mean, I didn’t even know these people, and I had never even been to New York.

Justin grabbed his jacket and he left, as soon as the door shut I woke from my sleep.

I woke hot and sweaty I tore off my blanket and sat at the edge of my bed. *** was that even about, most of the time I don’t know why I dream these things I don’t know if these people are real or if these things actually happen. 

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