Just One Move...

By @Vidhi_Sinha
Just One Move...

Julia, a normal schoolgirl has a simple life but with bullies, few friends and a family to take care of. She lost her father in a car accident last year and now she and her brother are the only ones who can take care of everything. Will, she ever be able to turn down her bullies, make friends and take good care of her family?

Chapter 1

Julia & Archer

It was a very beautiful day on Blossom Street. The ocean was calm and quiet, the morning birds chirped and sang cheerfully, the leaves were rustling and dancing, the air smelled salty and it was windy but pleasant. Most of the people were either awake and doing their morning routine or sleeping calmly and snoring or dreaming. The streets were deserted and there was no one except Julia and Archer to be seen.

Julia was a sensible and caring girl. She scored well in her studies especially Mathematics, danced well, sang well, cooked well, and did the house chores well too. No one saw this quality in her, except her family, her twin brother-Archer, and her only friends-Ethan and Anna. She was the only person working with Archer in her family since her father passed away before their 12th birthday, 1 year ago. Julia and Archer taught children who were in kindergarten or pre-school. Whatever money they earned, from that money they took care of their family, went to school, and ran a small grocery store.

Whenever she reached the school, no one ever talked to her or even glanced her way. Even if anyone did, he or she did it in a bad way and started to trouble her. But what could she do? She had no one to talk to, no one to play with and no one to study with, besides Archer, Ethan and Anna.

She was special somehow. Everyone believed this and that is why most of them were jealous and teased her. The teachers cared about her and in most of the classes, the teacher would say “Everyone clap for her. You should learn something from her.” And a snorting noise was sure to come which belonged to Ruby Smith, the only girl who was the main person for troubling Julia. 

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