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Just Ignore Me

By @ThatOneAnimeGirl

I wait for the teacher’s signal that will take me to my favorite place.

Finally, she stands from her desk, and asks all of us to line up quietly.

I accomplish this task, but it was easy. I don’t talk anyway.

The boys, however, stand behind me, screaming and bouncing, excited just to move.

I wish I could get them to be quiet.

I wish I could get them to ignore me like everyone else.

It’s more than I could ask for, though.

Shy, small, quiet. I’m the perfect target.

They call out to me, words stabbing into my skin like knives.

Luckily, I’ve got armor.

We reach the one place in the world where I’m safe.

The library.

I settle in the corner with the one thing that keeps me alive, a book.

The librarians wave to me, but I don’t wave back. I’m already gone.

Gone to a world of magic and mystery, where I can truly be myself.

Without anyone else criticizing me on my many failures.

The teacher calls out that it’s time to leave.

But I’m gone too far. Just ignore me.

Just ignore me.

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