Just A Beginning- Part 1 Official

By @AlexisM

Just A Beginning- Part 1 Official

By @AlexisM

A girl in a valley was kicked out- but not abandoned - betrayed. People who have once treated her as equal have severly hurt her and her friend who is stuck on the once-planet Pluto, and she must save him while gaining power to overthrow her opponent. ( Please leave anything that can help me make the character's personalities and features - it would be very helpful :)

Chapter 1


The moon had a fluorescent glow, and the Earth was silent in a forests valley. A river cut through the trees, and a lone wolf’s howl was heard miles away. She looks up and the stars wink at her as the dark matter of space heals her wounds. How could such nice people have been so deceiving? It was almost impossible to think the people who rescued her actually lied to her. That whole time, while their son was with her, helping and being the best friend anyone could be, they slashed, backstabbed and threw them both out.

And now, her friend is on the other side of the solar system. In a planet that has been cast away for decades.

Pluto. Where her future lies. Where he lies. Where she must conquer and gain anything for leverage.

For the Dust.

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