Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Joe Blow from Accounting (Season 1)

By @Sombience

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Joe suddenly felt that this particular Saturday was a perfect Saturday to get some extra work done.

He ran as fast as he could to his office. Phone buzzing in his pocket. “Go to hell,” he spoke inbetween breaths.

Arrival at the office. Elevator too slow.

The elevator doors opened. His boss was standing before him.

“Joe! Ha! Trying to make up for that half day you took this week?”

Joe stared at him.

His boss spoke, “Oookay then. Oh, hey, good news, was gonna tell you on Monday, remember when I said a promotion may be in your near future? Well congrats buddy, it is now a reality. Big position! And so much money!” He patted Joe on the shoulder. “Told ya great things were in store for you when you started here.. gosh, two years ago already?”

Joe cleared his throat. “Uh, yeah, yes, wow, thank you, sir.”

“It was all you, champ,” his boss replied. “Don’t work too hard! … Uh, getting out?”

Joe stepped out of the elevator. “Have a good one, Joe!” “You too, good day, sir.”

The elevator doors closed.

Joe felt like puking again. This company had set him up. For two years. He felt like a puppet. And he never would have known if it weren’t for this infernal app.

Joe was defeated. He made his way to his desk and sat down. Moments passed.

Buzz buzz. His phone reminded him of unseen notifications.

An email from nofate, as well as 2 past notifications from Stats. He swiped the Stats notifications away and read nofate’s email.

“i just got the strangest notif… it said ‘documents signed +1’, i haven’t signed anything, have you gotten a notif like that?”

Buzz. Another email from nofate: “my soon-to-be-ex husband just showed up with the divorce papers he’s been blowing off, all signed. it took all the power in the world to not **** my pants, excuse my french!! can you believe this app?”

Joe pondered this. “The notifs were severe today, and not just with me,” he thought. Had the ante been upped?

Buzz. Joe nearly threw his phone against the wall. “Stats has been updated.”

Long loading screen. “What will come out of this Pandora’s Box next?” thought Joe.

[View Your Stats]. Same list of stats. Same two icons.

Joe hit Settings. Everything looked the same. Joe scrolled – then stopped.

“□Enable reversal notifications”

Joe stared at the setting as if he willed it from nothingness. “We are being screwed with,” thought Joe.

Joe looked at the setting once more, and enabled it. He brought up his email and told nofate the tale of his day, including the new app updates. He realized he did not know her real name.

Sent +1. No use staying at the office. Joe returned home. His phone buzzed with an email from nofate: “oh, my name is claire! nice to formally meet you, haha! i agree, the divorce one today was insane. i mean, it’s fantastic that it happened but… anyway, i’m really sorry about your situation. can you go to the police at all?”

Of course not. His name was written on everything. Multiple signatures.

He ended the conversation with Claire. Sent +1. Joe laid in bed for hours that evening, staring at the ceiling. He dwelled on how small the window was (if there was any window) to change the outcome of him receiving the promotion. “If there is a puppetmaster behind this app, they meant for my coworker to die, and for me to benefit from it. These actions were irreversable,” Joe mused.

Joe brought up the app. He stared at the mute setting for a long time.

Joe drifted off.

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