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By @HunterRed

Chapter #1

One afternoon this girl was marching strait up to Jackson Andrews. You may be thinking ‘ who is Jackson Andrews ‘ so let me tell you. Jackson is the hottest boy in the middle school, everyone but Jay Landferd likes him. If you think you know how this story goes your rong, Jay is not his x-girlfriend or anything like that.

” Why are you here? ” Jay heavily yelled, ” I told you, it is not a good idea for you to be up near me! ” Jay decently has a big problem with him. What you ask, well this.

” Hey, I heard you where here, so I just thought I’d see if you actually showed. ” Jackson replied with a smirk on his lips. ” No one said you were here alone. ” He added while now looking her up and down and bitting his lip.

While they are standing there these girls walk up to Jackson and ask if he will dance with them. One actually said, ” Hey, this is a dance and I think you would look good on me out there. ” Jackson look at her and snarled out a flat no, which made Jay really mad, more than most things would.

” Why are you still here he , sadly, said NO! ” Jay got all up in there faces and they left.

Jackson turned to some of his friends when Jay was watching the girls run in their three inch heels, then two boys in dark cloths graves Jay hard. As she is trying to fight them off the boys drag her out of the gym, and into the closest. After Jay fighting back for a while the guys throw her across the room on the floor then they just left the girl alone and weak. About three minutes later a six foot tall giant, really cute, high school basketball player walks in with Jackson right behind him. When they walk in they saw Jay, and turned the other way to talk. It was a tiny closet so Jay was able to here them even if she didn’t want to.

” Why do you have this little girl in here she looks like a nice girl. ” commented the high schooler.

” Carson my man you don’t get it. This girl ,wow, is a pretty little… “

” Don’t say anything that you might regret! ” Carson cut Jackson off. ” I mean come on she can’t be that badass. ”

” She told these girls to leave it she would put them in the hospital by cracking there skulls together! ” Jackson exclaimed.

” Dang, that makes her a real hot badass. ” Carson surprised when he said it.

” Hey! I can hear you dumb ass. You two don’t know how to shut up do you? ” Jay’s smartass interrupted all with a smile of recognition.

There was a year long silence before someone said anything at all. Carson walked to the girl sitting on the floor and leaned down, grabbed Jay by her neck, pulled her close almost to kiss and slapped her. She never even tried to fight back, she was physical unable to move to even push away. Some people would say she’s paralyzed, but she was terrified of the person who could make her seam like a lifeless rag doll. Most people thought that could never happen, because it is usually the other way around. Now with Jay still afraid she realizes that her mouth is bleeding from when Carson hit her.

” Carson! What are you doing? ” Jackson exclaimed while rubbing his hands down over his face in shock and worry.

” I’m doing what you asked for, fixing the problem with hot stuff here. ” Carson showed now with a hold of Jay’s face.

” Get out and leave her alone! ” Jackson pointed to the door while Carson threw Jay back across the room.

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