Izzy (book 1 of the one of us is gone series)

By @ParisPages338

Chapter 1


We all held on to Izzy’s hands all the way to the hospital. We gripped on to her hands willing her to open her silvery blue eyes. We were all crying, salty tears dripped down my face as I looked at Izzy. I saw her parents and I felt their pain. I knew all the questions they were asking in their heads all the same questions I was asking. Why? Could I have done anything to stop it? Will she be ok? The questions swirled around my head like a roundabout going a million miles an hour. I could her the paramedics talking to each other and I could see them putting strange machines on Izzy. It was awful seeing her like this she was usually bubbly and bright and happy. Now she just lay there with her eyes closed as if she was asleep. One of the paramedics whispered to another “severe head damage”! They gave each other a knowing look. They sat down slowly looking surprisingly calm. Why were they not helping her? why were they not doing everything in their power to save her? They were acting as if it was to late. I couldn’t be they had to save her.

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