By @Izzy-523

A massacre leaves Regina in her inescapable town all alone, that is until 9.

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Dried tears basked in the glory of daylight. The crimson glow seemed to alter reality to mirror Regina’s soul, snuffing out the light and mocking hope. Standing up from the grave she had buried for her brother last night, she traced the words “R.I.P. Ryan Nitolinilo” with her finger one last time before muttering her final apology and walking away.


As Regina walked she felt a part of her die with every step she took. Devastated from her loss and barely awake from crying all night, she wasn’t very aware. Though she did notice a trail of gasoline leading to town square that lit on fire once she focused on it. Intrigued, she walked beside it, fearful yet slightly excited for what might be at the end. Now completely conscious she held her pistol with one hand and let the other rest in her pocket. As she reached the end, she was met by a set of black gates that cut her off from the square. As she got closer to the doors, she noticed that there was a note written in the same writing as the one found on the day after the massacre. Reading the note aloud in a hushed whisper, it read;

“Congratulations. In reward for successfully killing your first chain girl, you get a gift! She picked this out for you in gratitude for putting her out of her misery. Enjoy!

P.S. – Hope you like the new gates we built for you.”

Regina opened the doors with the eyes on the note and looked up to a ghastly and dire, but she smiled ever so slightly. In front of her, all the corpses she had seen on the streets were bathed in gasoline and burning. Regina just laughed as she walked around, gazing happily at the ablaze bodies that no longer bothered her. “Now you all know what it feels like!” She took a deep breath, “NOW YOU ALL KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE! TO DIE SUFFERING AND HAVE NO ONE BE ABLE TO HELP YOU! Now you know. Ha-ha! Enjoy your time rotting in hell.” Regina grinned like a mad-man as she walked closer and closer to a pair of bodies, then lied down beside them. She sighed, at peace and reached as to hold hands with both. “Let’s take a trip together.” She whispered, closing her eyes.

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