By @Izzy-523

A massacre leaves Regina in her inescapable town all alone, that is until 9.

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Anxiety suffocated Regina while she waited at the edge of town for the hour. Her feet tapped the worn pavement that made up the supposed road out of town. She had tried to leave, but as she walked along the road, it brought her straight back to the town. The clock struck nine and she closed her eyes momentarily to listen to the nine shots that went in sync with the ringings of the clock. After the ninth shot, her eyes opened, and she took off.  


Sprinting as fast as she could, she ran past into an old plaza that had been abandoned for decades. She heard her brother calling and ran as fast as she could. “Ryan! RYAN!” 


“Regina!” The 10-year-old yelled and before running to Regina and hugging her tightly. She kneeled down to his level.


“Where have you been?!” She held his hand tightly while looking up at him. “It doesn’t matter, you’re with me, you’re safe now.” She got up and hugged him again. “What are those?” Regina asked concerned while gesturing to chains around his wrist.  


“Oh, they’re nothing to worry about.” His high-pitched voice slowly turning into that of a little girl’s and his eyes turned black. 

“What the-!” Regina jumped back as she pulled her pistol from its holster and held it in front of her, ready to shoot.

John appeared in the reflection of a shops window. He started screaming and pounding on the glass. “HELP! HELP!” 

“If you want to free him. Shoot the body. Shoot it and I’ll let him go.” The ghost smiled slightly. Then made Ryan’s body fall onto its knees with his arms at his side. “Besides, you need to kill me anyway.” Speaking softly. The ghost in John’s body grinned like the Cheshire cat. “Shoot.”

Regina put her gun into its holster. “Never.”

“Alright. Your choice.” A gunshot fired. Regina looked down in fear and shock to see her arms held out pointing a smoking pistol at her brother’s body. “H-how…….?” She looked at her brother. “Ryan!” Regina sprinted to him.

“Shh. Don’t talk. I’m – ” Ryan’s eyes rolled back into his head. “No! No! No! NO! Ryan! RYAN!” Tears started streaming down Regina’s face violently as she tried to stop the bleeding. 

“Wow. You’re even more stupid than I thought. You couldn’t protect your brother. What is wrong with you!? He is dead because of you. At least you put him out of his misery of being your brother. Such a pathetic little witch. It’s shameful that you’re the reason I’m leaving this world.” The ghost, covered in chains, scoffed and slowly moved over to Regina and grabbed her wrist. “Heh. Good Luck. You’ll need it.” The ghost faded, leaving a tattoo of chains that formed a single dot, symbolizing 1 in Aztec Numerals.


Regina carried her brother’s body out to the forest. Hearing the distinctive gunshot, which recognized that the night’s portion of the game had ended, she relaxed before breaking down again. Regina touched her brother’s face sadly as her tears fell on his eyes. “I’m sorry. This is all my fault. It’s all my fault! I’m sorry!” Regina gently lifted up her brother and hugged him. She whispered, “I want to be with you. I miss you so much. I’m sorry.” Then she glanced at her pistol.

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