By @Izzy-523

A massacre leaves Regina in her inescapable town all alone, that is until 9.

Chapter 1

Prologue - The Past Tense Of Regret


Friday 13th October 1994

Regina stared at the small flame as it flickered with joy in her eyes. She smiled as she blew out the ‘Sixteen’ number candle on her birthday cake, listening to the cheers of her family drown out the music from her turntable. Her mother quickly hugged her from behind before moving to cut the cake in front of her. The cakes had two layers of vanilla with one-layer lemon in between. It was covered with a thin layer of black fondant and then a few layers of purple rock crystal on top. Her mother cut the cake into tiny pieces, giving Regina the first. Pulling her plum hair back behind her ears, she grinned from ear to ear as she took a quick bite of her cake. “I’d like to say thank you to everyone for this wonderful evening.” Regina raised her glass and toasted, then the clock struck nine.

Turning her head slightly, Regina noticed an odd black plane flying near the town’s clock tower. It was small, though it wasn’t quiet. Dismissing the eccentric aircraft, she turned her head back to her family to notice that her record player was quickly switching songs and glitching out, even though it had been running smoothly for the entire party. She stood up to inspect it as there was a loud thud and the entire house shook. Getting up, her mother looked back to see a crimson cloud forming and the black plane flying away. As the cloud was slightly translucent, it could be seen that it completely killed and annihilated everything it touched. They rushed out of the house and started running towards the edge of town. The family was almost there when Regina tumbled down a hill and into a forest. Her head collided with a rock and her vision started blurring. As she passed out, she listened to gunshots mix with her family’s screams while a group of five took them away.

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