I’ve met with death before

By @RileyXelman
I’ve met with death before

When you've had a close encounter with death, it will mess you up. When you've had multiple encounters...well it can drive you insane.

Chapter 1

I know who he his.

His breath on my cheek 

as I’m wrapped in his cold embrace.

The fear wraps over like a blanket,

as I sit there with all but one tear

Streaming down my face.

He tells me that it is time to go,

But I wait as-

I sit in a silence that lasts a lifetime.

I can’t bring myself to go with him,

As the fear bubbles to the surface

I’m not scared of death himself.

He’s welcoming, always waiting to invite me in.

But it seems as if today I’m not ready

I never am.

Eventually he has to say goodbye,

Telling me that he will be back soon

Of all the friends I’ve had,

Death is the most reliable

He will always be there for me-

To bring me home.

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