By @annxelise

A personification of my late night feelings, born one summer evening, burnt into indestructable words of which I now bear the burden of. Don't we all feel a little trapped sometimes?

Chapter 1

I live in a container

With one door that cannot be cracked

And a window with no glass

Only chilling air filling my lungs like smoke

Chilled to the bone, I remain trapped

Like a figure in a snow globe

Encased in liquid, every inch of skin dampened

And if i move a muscle, my limbs float upward

Up, up towards the glassy ceiling

Pounding clenched fists with minimal effort

as the snow has drained all my energy.

I remain alone with my thoughts as my only friends;

we contemplate, straining to comprehend

the characteristics of our confines,

and analyze the girl inside of the sphere,

Wondering what we might be missing outside.

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