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Is Your Voice Heard

By @SorrowAndLove

Is Your Voice Heard?

There are certain voices which are fortunate enough to be heard. The voices of those who destine from beauty and grace. Those who live for passion and controversy. Those who riot and those who rampage.

Some are fortunate enough to have their voices heard from miles away. Those who can stop a conversation in it’s tracks just by muttering a word. Those who can control the eyes and ears of the one surrounding them with ease.

Then there are those with unfortunate voices. Those who live in the silence. Who’s voices never have been nor will they ever be heard. They’ve learnt to listen. Adapt. Store the words they’d wish to say deep inside their minds.

There are certain voices which are heard. There are certain voices which are not. There are certain voices that chant of rooftops without ever being heard and those who could whisper in the middle of the Sahara Desert and still turn heads.

We ask ourselves what makes certain voices more heard than others? Is it because of how they speak? The tone of their voice? The volume? The fluidity with which the words come?

Or could it be their height? Their eyes? Their beauty?

For those who hide in the silence, they seem like gods. But for those who were forced into the silence, they seem like demons.

The truth is… we don’t know what makes these people’s voices so heard.

But you better pray your voice becomes as heard as theirs one day. Because the silence is dark and cold and bitter; and it chips away at parts of you that you never knew you had.

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