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Is Underlined Better Than Figment?

By @Chesster

The Spam Isn't Gone

“Hi Everyone! We know the spambots have been frustrating to all of us, but we have good news! We’ve implemented recaptcha, which should stop bots from being able to make any accounts! Thank you all for your patience during this frustrating time. Hopefully, now, the spambots will leave us alone!”-Team U (Team Underlined)

This is a time to celebrate! Finally, after many months Team U has finally removed, well, they’ve removed most of the spam. But the question still remains how many more months will it take before other stuff gets implemented in, and fixed so we can have an actual working writing site? Let’s take a look.

Well, I just recently decided to login today, I’ve been offline on Underlined, and other writing sites, for a few weeks now because stuff is coming up. So I checked out the “All Writing” page, and the time is 6:53 PM there is spam still. I thought Team U finally found a solution to this problem, I mean I think everyone did. Yet, that isn’t the case spam is still here. But if you look at this it stops bots not people from making accounts. So I guess Team U gets a pass on this, I mean they did at least try to do something, at least Team U did listen to the majority of complaints, and did something.

It wasn’t the most successful thing, but hey, they are doing stuff to make Underlined better, and a bunch of people here want it to be better. Like I said earlier. People who are angry, or seemed annoyed about things like the spam still, follow button not originally working, and so on. It comes from a place of caring. But when we become apathetic that is a problem, because now Team U won’t have a community that cares, and if that happens things will have to addressed and changed immediately. Hey, Team U one more mistake then things could go south pretty fast. But also bad decisions can be undone, and this writing site can be better, or maybe one of the best one day.

Basically, spam is a problem still. I wasn’t there in the beginning of Figment. But in 2014, was spam-books a problem? It wasn’t. How about Imagine Ink, granted I didn’t join right when it came online. But was spam a problem for Imagine Ink? Nope. Now, Imagine Ink, isn’t as publicized as Underlined so they have less of an audience, so spammers/bots don’t know about it. But still if Team U supposedly cared about us they should be spending, and trying to fix this problem with all, or almost all their resources.

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