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Is Underlined Better Than Figment?

By @Chesster

What I Like About Underlined

The site that replaced Figment, this is site that offers us Figment users a home (cough, cough, Imagine Ink is a better home), this is a brand new site, called… Underlined…

I’m going to dive right into this, note this is my opinion about Underlined. If you don’t agree with me, okay, I don’t care. One of the main reasons why I’m on this site is so hopefully it can become better.

1.) The Name:

The Name of the site is fine, nothing wrong with it. I think people that aren’t from Figment, people that are new can call themselves, Underliners. Just a thought, that is my suggestion. I am completely fine with the name of this site. I have nothing to complain about.

2.) The Look:

When Team U first announced Underlined, and we were able to see some pictures, and finally when Underlined released to the public. At least to me it has a simple design, a simple look kind of like Figment in a way. I don’t know if this was done on purpose, or by accident. If was done on purpose congrats, and thank you Team U. The site looks pretty, another reason why I am more active on here than Imagine Ink.

Honestly if I were to have the option to stare at Underlined’s homepage for 10 minutes, or Imagine Ink’s homepage for 10 minutes. I would choose Underlined. Now I’m not saying that Imagine Ink is bad or anything. I’m just currently more active on Underlined, because of this reason. It may because Underlined is funded compared to Imagine Ink is made by Figgy users.

3.) Team U (Team Underlined):

Well, I like how Team U is are very “considerate” with their comments. Recently the spam was removed. Team U! THANKS FOR DOING THAT! There were “books” being posted in an Asian language about websites, and so on. Now this an awesome thing that the spam was removed! Underliners and Figgy users should now be praising and encouraging Team U for doing this. They listened to our suggestions, and now we should thank them for spending their time doing that. But Team U (Team Underlined) you guys can do so much more to make this site one of the best writing sites out there.

4.) The Community:

The people that are on Underlined are nice, the community is full of nice people. Now I’m not saying that the site has a bunch of angels. There is probably a few people on this site that aren’t that good. But I haven’t run into them. But yes, immediately a bunch of users went forward and started to give Team U suggestions, and a good amount us suggested some of the same things. More genre options, more tags, having that there is profile comment sections, badges that say a Figment user like me comes from Figment, actual forums so people can RP instead of having to comment on a book, or so that we have an actual Gen/Ran (General/Random) where people can talk about anything, groups, and so on.

So it is good to see the community united all asking for similar things. The community is another reason why I’m on here, because I have some of my Figment friends, but I also get to hangout with some of you Underliners and get to know you guys. Oh, and you Inkpoppers, or if you identify as a Figgy user, you have not been forgotten.

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