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Is Underlined Better Than Figment?

By @Chesster

Why Is Figment SO AWESOME?!

Figment, a writing website that experienced not one but two merges. The first one was with Inkpop, the second one is Underlined. But I am not here to talk about Underlined (well maybe a little), I am here to say the Figment has the high ground. Ha, ha, ha all joking aside I am here to talk about one thing, WHY IS FIGMENT SO AWESOME?!

First thing first, some people love Figment, some people hate it. What I am going to do with this chapter, I am going to do a in-depth review of Figment. I’m going to address the criticisms and talk about why I think Figment is so AWESOME!

1.) The Criticisms:

So when I was on Figment, I ran into a few people who didn’t like the website, saying that it was confusing, and so on. I also did run into Winston Smith (a.k.a. Andy Morffet). He complained about everything, the site, the people on the site. He insulted everyone about grammar, and so on. He is a jerk, and what makes him a jerk is not that I think he is wrong when it comes to his argument/opinion, what makes him a jerk is that he was leveraging unevidenced allegations against people specifically to promote his agenda, that makes him a jerk.

But besides Andy, and whatever he complained about. Figment seemed to have one big flaw in the eyes of “people who don’t like it”. They thought the site was confusing, note most of these people were new to Figment, and found it hard to navigate around, some didn’t know what swaps were. So because of this some new people who joined left a few days later. Because it was too hard for them. Even though I would argue Figment had one of the most simple designs.

But I totally understand where they are coming from. When I first joined Figment back in 2015 I had no clue how the site work, but with my curiosity, and with help from a Figgy friend I was able to learn quickly. I honestly don’t know what to say to people who found it confusing, or frustrating to figure it out. So here is my advice, try, try to learn what is what, where is that thing, and so on. Persevere.

2.) Featured Fig:

Every week a person would be chosen to be Featured Fig, the chosen person would have to answer a set of questions, and then five of their books would be Featured on the home page. When I first joined Figment, I knew I wanted to be Featured Fig, but I knew that the chances of that happening were impossible.

This is an awesome thing, because the person who is featured gets their work advertised, they become popular. Before Figment merged into Underlined (cough, cough, Imagine Ink), there has been one hundred twenty-seven Featured Figs, Tom Shack, being the first. Emily Dawn, being the last. I wish Underlined had this. But apparently Underlined doesn’t have this.

I think this is a good feature, that if Underlined were to add it could make this site more successful.

3.) Forums:

Figment had IMO (in my opinion) a nice selection of forums, Gen/Ran (general/random), cover studio, contests, and so on. The site, the people on the site were active, it was nice, there wasn’t any spam on the forums until 2017 that is when I started to noticed. But in 2014 the site had forums actual forums, Imagine Ink has its own forums also, and Movellas has its own forums! I mean, seriously Underlined what happened? Create a book for the topic? Wow… wow. I mean Underlined can heal from this… they can create their own forums. So this thing Underlined gets a pass on because it’s not that hard for them to do, and we all just need to tell them about it, and also tell them about other stuff we would like, and they will fall under our pressure. Because you and I want a working site. Not an incomplete one, and they want to make money off of us. So it is a win-win situation, Underlined.

4.) The Community:

The Figment community, the Figgy users, are all very nice. There was only Andy Morffet who stands out as a sour apple. Underlined so far, has very nice people on it. Movellas has nice people. But for me Figment was a place where I met some people who helped me when I was depressed, it was a place where I met and talked to other Christians about some issues I had. My Figgy friends, that community holds a special place in my heart. Underlined? Underlined has nice people, nothing wrong with Underlined users. But that is why I like the Figment community so much.

Also most of the people gave you honest reviews on Figment, and it was easy to find people to swap with. Wattpad way harder.

5.) Groups:

Right now Underlined doesn’t have this, again they can easily get this done, if they put their time and resources into it. But Figment had amazing groups, awesome groups. The Long Haul, Jesus Rules, and Figment’s Debate Club, Figment’s Second Debate Club, and so on.

6.) The Contests:

So I have a confession to make I’m not a big contest person. But the contests I did do were fun. Some of you might’ve heard of Figgy Idol, well, I am a Figgy Idol Season 4 participant. I never made it past the first round. But hey, even though I lost and wish I could’ve made it farther. I had fun nonetheless. So yeah, Figment had a bunch of fun official contests and nonofficial contests.

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