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Irresistibly Lovely

By @IsabellaAnn125



It was perfect. They were dancing into the night underneath the stars, alone in the backyard of the manor the evening party was taking place at. As he spun her around, her gorgeous mermaid red dress, which complimented her beautiful slim waist and curvy hourglass figure, skirt twirled in the air. Every time that he pulled her in she got the whiff of his irrisistable cologned which smelled so fresh, the way he always smelled, that drove her crazy. He smiled that gorgeous sweet smiled and pulled her in by her tiny waist closer to him. She laughed that irristable laughed that drove him head over heels, so to speak, in love with her.

They stood there frozen, perfectly still in a moments time that was all about them, the romantic song playing in the background just right for the occasion. He sighed a sigh that didn’t seem like any of the other sighs he normally did. This time it came with a sweet smile and not out of frustration. He raised his hand to her face and swept away a piece of her long bangs that had gotten out of place from her long beautiful blonde curled hair.

“AmyLynn Johnson.” He started. He sighed again. It was responded with a sweet smile. He grabbed both her hands, and lifted one of them to his mouth and kiss it, then he did the same with the other. “I love you so much Mrs. AmyLynn Johnson.”

She grinned and gave a small laugh of joy. “And I love you, Mr. Andrew Johnson.”

He pulled her in closer till she felt the texture of Andrew’s tuxedo as she wrapped her arms around him. she hugged him as to never let him go, as though if she did this beautiful night would end. AmyLynn leaned her head on his chest and then she noticed the reflection of the full moon that was reflected on the pool water’s surface not a few feet away.

“Look at the moon. It’s so gorgeous!” AmyLynn said.

Andrew smiled and laughed a little. “My AmyLynn always getting distracted.” He said as he look not anywhere else but at her. “I don’t want to look at anything else but you.” Andrew said. AmyLynn looked at him, smiled and blushed. Andrew caressed her face with his thumb and then leaned in and kissed her.

Their kiss was sweet but passionate at the same time. AmyLynn couldn’t believe that a girl like her got a guy like Andrew. So handsome and strong like he was. He was someone that was always working out to become stronger. Not to mention that he was wealthy as well. She was a poor girl who got his attention, literally by bumping into him and spilling his coffee on his expensive shirt. But he always wasn’t this Andrew. Back then he was selfish, bitter, and just plain down a very mean guy.

This new Andrew came out after hours of hard work of annoyance, frustrating him, and making him just plain angry. I know. Funny way to fall in love with a girl but it literally happened this funny way. Especially after Andrew opened up about why he was so bitter. Both his parents got killed before his eyes. He tried to run to them but the man got away. It all happened when he was just a very young boy. But he never forgot the man who did it.

Their sweet and perfect kiss was interrupted by slow clapping.

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