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By @RavenSnow

The scent of lavender and fresh rain, wafted around the others, followed by a dark presence. Small shadowy tendrils followed in behind, the wisps growing larger before twisting together, finally female stood in their place. The female seemed to be adorned with a cloak, the shadowy fabric seeming to move with every breath she took, bare toes peaking underneath the bottom of the fabric. Long tresses of raven curls cascading down to her slender waist. Golden orbs shimmering in running along the place she had entered, the golden color seeming to flicker with unseen fire as if she were a vessel. As her bare feet settled fully upon the floor, it seemed to turn a darker color in her presence, cracking and popping softly underneath them, as she begin to move into the room ashen foot prints were left behind her. Her skin dark looking like hardened magma, hairline cracks ran along the exposed parts of her skin, flickering red energy shining through.

If one where to get to close to her she would put out an uncomfortable amount of heat, explaining the ground cracked at her feet. What was she? Not even she knew anymore, she had been created in the heavens at the beginning of her life so to speak, sitting upon the right hand of the throne. When god had still visited his people upon the earth, when he and Lucifer were still in good company. She was to protect the throne while he was away on his visits and she was good at what she was made for, until one day Lucifer had used his silver tongue to convince her that if she had helped him overthrow his brother she would be his equal, no longer a lowly servant. In this overthrow a war had broken out that shook the earth, angels and god taking down Lucifer and herself and their followers. She had her wings ripped from her and fell with Lucifer into the fires of ****, she had been unlucky so failing Lucifer and betraying her creator. In the fall she had fell into a pit of molten rock, it burning to her very bone, connecting itself to her making the once smooth ivory skin, rough and hard, blue eyes golden. If this wasn’t enough to kill her, Lucifer had pulled her from his pit furious of her failure, gripping her by the neck cutting off the air way, mouth falling open in attempt to bring air into her lungs. Instead getting ladle fulls of the very liquid she had fell into into her mouth, causing the outer skin to crack slightly, the pain searing from the inside out. Happy with this he dropped her onto her feet, telling her this fire would never die and she would always feel the pain of failing and betraying her creator, until the end of her days when ever it would come if it did. Even he did not want her in his new domain so she was cursed to walk the earth walking the line between life and death, not fully dead yet not fully alive. The inhabitants of earth looking upon her like she was some kind of monster not that it wasn’t the truth, in the fire being poured into her, it destroyed any useless emotions along with any traces of her once being an angel of light.



Shaking the memories away from her thoughts she turned her attention finding an empty seat, as her golden orbs rested upon one she headed over to it. Sitting her form upon it, crossing one leg over the other as she let out a soft tired sigh as if she had been traveling for some time. The shadowy tendrils

that danced at her feet as she rested, in fact they were her own collection of souls and other demons that she had dragged along with her. As she sat her lips parted revealing gleaming white teeth, sharpened into needle points, a hand raising as one of her long blood stained nails poked at one of her teeth as if to get something from them before her hand dropped upon the table she sat at, lips closing.

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