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Interview with Camcardii

By @lxndrjanny


Camcardii can be best described as a rising social media personality whose fame is as progressing as the knowledge of the universe. A Nee York lad, he moved base to Los Angeles, California to be a part of the big league. Since an early age, Camcardii knew what he wanted from life – he wanted to make it big in the entertainment world and knew that to do so he had to be in the right place. So, he packed his bags and made LA his new postal address. Camcardii collaborated with his friend, Bdavve to come up with prank videos, on his TikTok account. Later, in October 2019, he created his Instagram account. Following year, Camcardii hit it off with his Instagram and TikTok account which today has more than 500K and 1.1M followers respectively. But the big break came with TikTok, a social media app that gave Camcardii an edge above all the rest. Simply by sharing interesting videos, Camcardii made it to the hearts of thousands of viewers and today has a fan following of more than 1,100,000 people on TikTok alone. Though there is no doubt that it is his work that has brought him so much recognition, some credit can be given to his handsome looks and attractive personality as well.

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