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By @Madam_Reverie

The Final Chapter

His intentions shatter on the tile floor. The truth blooms forward like the serrated petals of a glass flower. Here I sit, in front of the man I love, bleeding from a wound I am unable to see. It hurts. Gods, it hurt. The pain flares in my soul, taunting my mind with the naïve trust I had handed him on a silver platter. Reminding me of the things I had given him with an open heart – my love, my mind, my time, my soul. My body.

Betrayal blossoms in my gut like an infection, spreading its venomous tendril of lies into the shaking of my limbs and the shudder of my breath. And even when I should demand why he did it, why chose to do what he did, the only words that fell from my unkissed, quivering lips was,

“Why me?”

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