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By @anamarinescu


What my biggest fear could be

In a letter I could write

But never post it, you see

For I forgot the stamp.

And reading it again and again

Would make my wrists weak

My blood float amidst the pain

In you I go seek.

But it’s not there.

And neither did you seem to care

What my burdens could be;

Or what my heart could cry

But there you don’t see.

And just let out a sigh.

For the wrongs I did to you

Are perhaps a few

But yet I try and try

And I stay true;

But none you notice

And when you do

None of the excitement reflects

The bone I chew.

It leaves me raw and boneless

And simply missing out

On your needs and practices

Your thoughts and doubts;

But yet I try and try

And only managed to cry.

That’s how some nights are.

Though somewhere far,

In my thought,

I know there’s something wrong.

And in that letter I have brought

Some common sense back into it.

For not being sure about myself

Not knowing how some pieces fit

Makes me believe in the wealth

That I’m in with you.

The clear image of us

And your eyes of blue

Bring the fuss

We always do


Through laughing forever.

And that is how I wish it to be

Honest and free

With me holding your hand

Over the entire land.

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