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Inner self

By @Joyous_One

Friday, May 22, 2015 6:13 PM

Did you like me submissive to my controller

Looking sadden with a hidden strength

Which I may say I fooled you

Truly I did well

However I was crushed and ******

Specially in the mind but it slowly form within my soul

What was it that attracted you

Was it my quicken anger towards life

My delated affect around my superior

My false self protecting my inner fragile self

Or was it my attraction towards you

The one that understands my weaken self

For then on I craved your being

As you cared deeply unlike the rest

You gave me hope through the uneven roads

You aside my mistakes and my unlikeable state

Still I wonder do you wish for the submissive being or what’s it you wish

As I shall do as you please with free will

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