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By @Krystal_Daniles

I sit under the stars, the rough tiles biting at my legs through the tight jeans. I watch the stars. I watch them, I know I’m moving quickly, so quickly I shouldn’t see them. But I do. I lay down, the rough echo of the scratching of tiles vs. clothes. I look up at the many lights that light up my darkest time, some bigger than others. I lay under the same sky as you. Are you dreaming of the next time we’ll meet? I hope so, I will be once I close my eyes but I want to watch a little longer. I want to see the universe naked. In it’s true form. So lay alone, and yet I feel accompanied. I smile as I think of you. I remember every touch. I remember all the things you promised me. I look over to the next house and all the ones after. and there are girls. Girls dressed like me, doing the same as me, but they are not me. They are believing they’ll have a tomorrow with you. but I am the only one who opens their eyes and walks off the roof into infinity.

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