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Infinity tattoo

By @MeaningfulMee

Infinity tattoo

He was covered in red flags.

But she thought red was her colour.

His badly behaved nature.

“Oh, we all have those days.”

She’d said, tired eyes but there was still something there.

Some thing was shining, some kind of hero complex.

That made her feel like she could save him.

When she was the one who needed to be saved.

You can’t save a monster.

But she wanted to try.

The bruises only got bigger.

Arguments stared to annoy the neighbors.

Save her.

The answer was written in every P.S.A.

They put the message on mute.

That censored smile every morning when she did the bins.

New hair styles, designed to cover the abuse.

To protect him.

Pacify her.

He did his best.

When she was not writing now stories for the new scars on her arms, she was telling her friends why she couldn’t go out that night.

He never wanted her out of his sight.

She was the puppet he was the puppet master.

Taken the role from his dad.

Family air loam.

By the time she realized that she was in danger, she was already six feet under.

Under his spell.

Six year past, mini vans and middle class estates.

But nothing really changes until people do.

On her arm, his arm, they got matching tattoos.

Infinitely symbol.

Love is infinite, he said dragging her to the ink holders.

She held her tongue.

Until a kid came along.

Pure angel, blessed with a full timer.

The world we his oyster.

He was her world, know her meaning.

She couldn’t love herself enough to leave,

but she could love him enough to break down the walls of this broken home.

Suitcases packed, middle finger up, slammed door.

Left him to rot in his own mess.

Without regret.

She didn’t know were to go, just know that any way was forward.

Five years pass.

Small council flat, leap cards but the happiness of freedom.

Sees her little boy growing up, unlike dad is perfection.

Coffee in hand watching him cycle on the green below.

Setting sun.

Shines on her infinite tattoo,

she sees it.

Takes out a ***, flicks the ashes onto the ground.

Trying to forget seven years of her life.

It is over be is it ever really over.

Love is infinite but so is the pain he left behind.

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