In My Dreams

By @BrookeHeather
In My Dreams

This is the story of a girl who becomes obsessed with her dreams.

Chapter 1

January 10, 2017

I don’t know where the dream started or where it ended, but I remember being in space. I was floating in a sparkling black abyss. I was sitting, but not in any kind of a chair. The space itself was keeping me propped outright. Around me was a mix of real outer space and my imagination’s version of space. It had a cartoonish quality to it, but not quite fake. It was beautiful and vast and yet not at all realistic. The planets looked accurate except they were just surrounding me, shapes and sizes at random. There were galaxies and stars all around me and everything was deadly quiet except for this slight hum. I’m not sure if it was space or the inside of my brain, but it was just faint enough to here above everything else. I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever felt that calm. I wasn’t worried about how to breathe or why I was in space in the first place. I was just looking at the colors laid out in front of me, like a painting I had jumped inside of. The heavens had an ethereal, colorful beauty to them. It was almost like a sunset with a different color pallet of blue, purple, and black. I could see the colors shifting ever so slightly. The sky was dancing in front of me, everything shimmering with a twinkle of sparkles and stars. I wasn’t even doing anything throughout the dream, but the sights in front of me were enough to make the experience so wonderful.

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