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In Darkness He Found You

By @Me-the-Rookie

You awoke to the familiar darkness of your bedroom, a sliver of moonlight peeking through a crack in the curtain. You had fallen asleep feeling safe and secure but as you lay there now in your confused and drowsy state, your hair stood on end as you came to realize the stiff silence surrounding you. You heard nothing, no sounds of your house settling, not even the familiar ticking of your clock. The world seemingly frozen in time.

Somehow through the unnerving silence you had managed to stay calm, it was only when you tried to move and discovered you couldn’t that panic started to take hold of you. You could feel your heart beating against your rib cage as you desperately tried to peer through the darkness.

You wanted this to be a dream, you tried to will yourself awake, because it had to be a dream. You tried once more to move but as soon as you felt it you froze, your thoughts instantly coming to a halt in your head as hot breath danced its way across the back of your neck.

“Oh good” said a low voice from behind you “you’re awake.”

The last thing you remember before your world returned to black was your raw scream that ripped through the silence.

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