Imprisoned in Space

By @eeny_minnie_mouse

Imprisoned in Space

By @eeny_minnie_mouse

A story WIP about a former soldier now prisoner on spaceship

Chapter 1

Part 1

“You are a soldier.” They still say. No, but I was one. I am now a prisoner upon a ship going who knows where through vast space. So many were locked up with me because of the riots caused by the change of command. No matter what side we were on, any soldier that participated was thrown into the prison they kept on the ship. I truly believe they just wanted to use the prison more. Costed less than keeping soldiers out of it. It used to be used for the soldiers to take a break if they were having a rough time. It was therapy without all the talking. I’m not certain how many were in there because they actually did something wrong. It was normally peaceful. Many of the other prospers I talked to seemed to have theories the military system just didn’t care anymore. Even I scold myself for getting out of control in the riot, but the descision to just lock everyone up doesn’t make sense to me. My bunk mate, Dale, thinks they are going to start getting rid of people because there’s a flaw in the ship that’ll prevent us to getting to our destination. Others believe we are only being ducked with and will be drafted out as the system pleases.

Rumor has it the rioters will all be out by the time we reach where we are going. It’s already been a year out of a two year journey to the planet which has a military base on it. I overhear more and more about it each day. A guard was muttering about it to another prisoner saying it’s huge and they are looking for more people to work and expand it. I’m hoping I’m one of those people to get dropped off if any. This place is miserable.

One the east side of the prison there’s supposedly a window. I’ve been wanting to go there while all the guards are distracted. My living area when I was still serving had a huge window right by my bed. I’d sit and watch as the stars pass by as the part of the ship I was in rotated around. I was one out of few that didn’t get dizzy looking out. Looking out gave me a way to calm myself from all the stress put upon us. I should have used it to escape the fights. I merely stepped in to end a physical fight between two of my good friends who are in another part of the prison. I barely exit my room though we’re allowed. It’s been awkward running into fellow mates who you used to serve with and are now locked up with you. It doesn’t feel the same. I had been in the military for ten years already, and I screwed it up.

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