Immortal Blood

By @DqrkMagic

Immortal Blood

By @DqrkMagic

"How did the war start?" Emily asked, trudging behind Coral who was holding the torch firmly in her hand. "Word spoke for the last magical land, that's how it started," Coral replied, pushing forward. "How can we stop it?" Emily asked, trying to keep her pace with Coral. Coral stopped, and turned to Emily. The light emanating from the torch cast shadows over her face. "That's the thing," Coral muttered. "We don't know how."

Chapter 1


Of course, at the time, Emily knew nothing of the war against the Landesence kingdom and the Lanquesent kingdom. In fact, at the time, all Emily was aware of was the orphanage she would soon arrive at.

The carriage she was inside was rickety and made Emily quite uncomfortable as it slowly drove down the uneven cobblestone road.

Mr. Worrington was sitting besides Emily, worrying his handkerchief as if he felt a sneeze coming up.

Mr. Worrington was, indeed, a worried man. He was Emily’s Guide, who was hired by Emily’s parents before they died. His job was to find Emily a perfect home and help her until she turned 16, AKA, in two years.

With or without Mr. Worrington, Emily knew she would have managed on her own. Emily was a thinker, a tinkerer, and a girl with an amazing knack for science. 

But Emily would never settle in one place. Mr. Worrington wanted Emily to spend her final years in the finest orphanage before she would go off on her own. 

“Now don’t worry, Emily,” Mr. Worrington assured in his shaky voice. “This orphanage is going to be the best yet!”

Emily kept her expectations low. He said that every time! The last orphanage she went to was infested by rats.

“I do hope so,” Emily replied hollowly.

The carriage was dark, and the cushions were weak and pathetic, Emily thought.

She stared out the window for a bit and gazed out at the grassy fields that were soggy from all the previous rain. Emily was sure bad weather was a sign this was going to be a strange day…

The carriage pulled into the driveway of the huge manor with a tall, black gate that had a sign that read: ORPHANAGE.

Such a boring name, Emily thought with a heavy sigh. 

Mr. Worrington crawled out and helped Emily out afterwards.

The manor was huge, the bricks were pure white and the windows had long, black, flowy curtains.

“Well,” Emily muttered to herself. “I’m assuming the caretaker is a widow?”

“The caretaker is a man,” Mr. Worrington replied after sneezing into his handkerchief.

Emily held her skirts high as she trudged up the long, cement staircase that led to the grand doors to the dull orphanage.

“Do you think they’ll have a library?” Emily asked curiously.

“Good heavens Emily, I don’t even know if they even have a lunch room!” Mr. Worrington exclaimed.

Emily sputtered and knocked on the door sternly. Very quickly, the door swung open to reveal a tall, slender lady with gray, dull hair wrapped in a bun and a long formal dress, and pale blue eyes that made her look as if she could’ve been a ghost.

“We’ve been expecting you,” she said in a cold, unfriendly tone.

She cracked the door all the way open and showed Emily and Mr. Worrington inside.

Emily decided she would stay quiet as she held her bags in her hands, Mr. Worrington chatted about with the lady.

“I am your second instructor, you can call me Miss Harper,” she said, furrowing her eyebrows as if disapproving of Emily.

“Do you have a library?” Emily asked abruptly as she trudged behind them.

“Yes. But it’s off limits,” Miss Harper stated, not even glancing at Emily.

“Why?” Emily asked.

“You are not permitted to ask questions here,” she replied rudely.

She seemed quite cross, so Emily knew it best but to argue.

Miss Harper showed Emily and Mr. Worrington to her room and that was when they departed.

The bed was beat up and moths had eaten through the covers. The curtains were black and dull. The floor was just as cold as Miss Harper’s icy stare. 

The closet was full of hangers that looked run down. Emily decided to unload her books and clothes since it was a Sunday and school would begin tomorrow.

Dress after dress, cloth after cloth she hung. She slid her books gently under her bed and into her closet. 

She was sure it wasn’t ‘prohibited’ to bring books from outside, so she decided to keep it a secret.

Little did she know, the Orphanage had a secret of its own….

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