Imagine This

By @snugwithcoffee
Imagine This

Close your eyes and visualize. Learn more about what is going on today.

Chapter 1

Episode 1

*DISCLAIMER: This story is NOT meant to offend anyone. Thank you!

Close your eyes and imagine this. (If you want to, really close your eyes and have someone read this out loud to you. But when I say this, it does not have to be literal, keep this in mind)

Today you wake up on time, and you are in a good mood. You hope today will be a good day. 

You get out of bed , fold your blanket, then use the restroom. You wash your face, brush your teeth, and then change into a super cute outfit that you hope your crush and friends will notice. This morning you even have time to eat some breakfast. You take your time to eat it, laughing and talking with your family. When you get on whatever transportation you usually get on, you plug in your earbuds and listen to your favorite music, jamming out to it.

Then you get to school.

You push open the door to the building, a smile planted onto your face. Your feet move with confidence, stepping into the school and walk through the halls to your locker. Your friends aren’t here yet, but you can’t wait to see them. But as you walk, you notice something different. People are staring at you as if you’re some kind of foreign species. Why is everyone looking at me like that? You wonder to yourself. What did I do? People are whispering, pointing fingers, and you feel your face heating up, so you look down at yourself to check if something is wrong with what you’re wearing, and your stops nearly stops in panic. Your skin is darker than usual. Not the cute beach tan kind of darker that everyone loves. But a darker of a different race. Darker than your own race. Then you look closer at your legs and realize your legs are a little thicker than usual. When you look up, you see people giving you looks of hate and disgust, so you run into the bathroom, tears close to coming from your face. When you grip the counter, and look in the mirror, you realize (depending on your gender) that you are wearing a headscarf (or if a boy a beard). Then you look closer at your face and say, “Wow, you really are ugly. No wonder my crush doesn’t like me” or something along the lines of that. Then you think, why me? Or, why do people hate me because of my outside appearance? Why does it matter what I wear or what I look like?

Open your eyes and think about this.

* About one million people commit suicide per year. That’s every 40 seconds, or 3,000 people a day. 

*From bullying, there are 4,400 suicides a year. Whether it seems like a lot or not to you, they are still lives, and everyone’s life matters. 

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