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I’m Told To Have The Largest Wings, So Why Can’t I Fly?

By @HverCraft

Down a hallway, in a palace somewhere in the skies, lies a depressing room. A man in a butler’s suit, with wings on his back, walks up to the room of inconvenience, and knocks on the door. The door itself was custom made with a depiction of a woman resting on clouds, while shining lights from her hands onto smaller people below the grounds.

“Enter”, says a gentle voice that’s barely loud enough for the servant to hear in the hallway. He grabs the handle with his hands that are covered in white gloves. The man turns the handle and enters.

“Good day, m’lady. I have come upon His Grace’s request, ready to answer your question.” The man’s voice was very respectful towards the woman in the room.

The room itself was pure white, with detailing ingrained in the wall. It was generally the same theme across all four walls, beings with wings looking upon smaller beings, without wings. Very little furniture was in the room, only a king sized bed with a dark red sheet cover, and a round, white table with four chairs to accompany it. A window rests right above her bed, allowing the only light in the room to enter and leave at will. No tea sets, no paintings, nothing that establishes a desire of material wealth. The lady herself was sitting on the edge of her bed, opposite of the side of her pillows. Her wings were folded, as to hide behind her body from the sight of her servant, at the opposite side of the room, bear the door.

“Thank you for your company and acceptance of the task given out by Father. May I understand that you know what the task may entail?” the princess asks with patience.

“No, m’lady. His Grace has told me only that I’m the only person remaining in the kingdom that has yet to attempt this task. With His Grace banning the discussion of this task, I cannot know what this task may entail,” the servant explains respectfully. He truly doesn’t know what may be asked of him, only that he is the last person willing to attempt it, and that no one else has completed it.

“That is to be expected of Father. He does wish to deal with the issues of those that are close to him in a private manner. However, do not worry. While it is true that you are the final person to attempt this task, there is no punishment for failing to complete it. The entire Sacred Guard attempted it, and each failed. Intelligence and Foolishness attempted the task, and both failed in completely different ways. Father himself took time out of his day in order to try to help me. And like the rest, he failed. So now, personal servant of mine, I shall reveal the task.” The young woman then spread her humongous wings, that looked as though they were made of silver, an effect caused by the sunlight reflecting off them. Each one contained multiple feathers, so many that it would take a full day just to count the number of feathers on one wing, that each individually swung, due to the princess spreading her wings. The wings themselves were so long, each being easily the same length of a couch designed for ten people to sit on, and just one was triple the height of the princess herself. The room itself was barely large enough to hold the wings when they were fully extended.

“The task is to answer a question of mine. I’m told to have the largest wings out of any being in our kingdom, so why am I unable to fly?” She says this so gracefully, as though she were saying this to an audience of a million people. Along with a perfect smile, one that would put anyone under a sense of comfort and security.

The audience of one states at her, confused. There should be no reason for her being unable to fly. It’s the first time he’s heard of this. But anywho, he attempts to solve this.

He thinks first of all the notable people that have the wisdom to solve this task. First, he thinks of the Sacred Guard. They would tell think that she is just unsure of herself, take her outside, and tell her to fly. Then she wouldn’t been able to, and that would be it for their attempt. Secondly, it would be Intelligence, and Foolishness. Intelligence would’ve tried to use some sort of formulas, and the such, to justify how she might not be able to fly due to her wings characteristics. Then, he would’ve either seen that the formulas either proved him to be wrong or correct. Either way, he would’ve told her to try to fly outside, in order to make sure his equations were correct. And this ended in his failure, somehow. The servant would need to think on this attempt a bit more. Foolishness would’ve said that she was to scared to fly, and so he would’ve tried to build up confidence in her. Eventually, he would take her to the courtyard and told her to believe in herself, and fly. Only to end in failure. Finally, His Grace. As the wisest of everyone in the kingdom, he should’ve been able to solve this. How he would’ve gone about it is anyone’s guess, as he would try the most complicated of tests and theories to justify his daughter’s inability to fly. Yet, he failed, meaning the answer can’t be too complicated. He then realizes something.

“M’lady, I don’t believe I have the proper information to solve this. No, it would be better said that it would take me a long time to solve this without further information, but that would only inconvenience you. You’ve already asked for multiple people’s help, so you must be waiting anxiously for an answer. So allow me to ask three questions in order to accelerate the process”. There were a couple of things that he was curious about this task, and he thinks that asking a couple of questions, politely, will help him and her in the long run. After all, she has been waiting a long time to get an answer, and princesses should never be kept waiting.

The princess smiles in accordance to his determination, and says,”Intelligence has asked me a thousand questions about me in his attempt, although most of them were about my wings, and not actually about me. It is therefore only fair that you can at least ask me a thousand questions as well.”

“I don’t believe I need that much, m’lady. And I’ll attempt to try to avoid asking about your wings as much as possible. Now first, may I ask for your age, m’lady?” The servant says this with as much respect as possible, knowing he’s hitting a delicate spot.

The princess’s face turned to showing a mix of disgust, embarrassment, and shock. Even her wings jerked a bit, and as a result, her feathers swing abruptly. She begins with, “Humble servant, I hope you do realize that even though you may serve me every day of the week, we still have a servant and master relationship. Asking such questions of disrespect only shows that you aren’t willing to cooperate with our rules and orders. Such a shame after you’ve shown a noble level of determination. Not only this, but understand that I am still a woman, so here this warning, and do best to remember to never ask a woman for her age. However, what disgusts me the most is that by delivering that question shows me that you’ve forgotten that we share the same birthday. We are both of nineteen years of age.” Even with this scolding, she still pulls of a weak smile.

The servant understood that she didn’t scold her because she wanted to, but because she had to, as it’s custom of royalty to put back in line disobeying servants. But she did so while also answering the question. The servant then responds with the scolding in an apologetic tone, “I’m sorry, m’lady. I just needed to set that fact out, in order to complete my train of thought. I have not forgotten my place as loyal servant to you, for the day that I was born was the day that I was assigned to serve you forever. I am your personal servant that works everyday for you. I shall never forget that.”

The princess returned to her bright, graceful smile, and says,”Good to hear that you know your place here. Now, proceed to your next question servant.” Her wings were still, still shining silver with the light. If the room were only a couple of inches shorter, her wings would be touching the walls.

“As you wish, m’lady. My second question is this. How many times do you leave this room?”

“That is a very vague question, my servant. May I ask you to focus the question further, by say, adding conditions to the question?”

“I’m sorry, m’lady, but I must keep the question vague as possible. I need to know a very general number. The most I can help you with is by requesting an average per year.”

The princess thinks about this one for a long time, but ends up looking puzzled. She eventually opens her mouth and says,”I’m sorry, but that is very difficult to say. My job requires me to leave this room at very random times. Sometimes I leave this room ten times a day, and sometimes I will go for six months without leaving this room. I can however, request to not leave for an indefinite amount of time, but I cannot request to leave. That is up to fate.”

The final two lines are what was noted by the servant. In a small sense, he knew that it near impossible to know when the princess will leave. She is bound by not the room, but by the job she has been given. Though, there was one thing that the servant has wondered. The princess left out the fact that she could leave the room by getting permission from His Grace. He’s the only one that has that power, and without him, the kingdom wouldn’t have been able to confirm that she isn’t able to fly. So why did she leave that very important fact out?

“Thank you for your cooperation, m’lady, and now I have one final question.”

The princess looked at the servant, while bracing herself. She really did want to help him to finish this task. “Proceed with the question.”

The servant hesitated a bit, wondering if he should bother asking the question, but he goes ahead. “Do you already know the answer to you question?”

The princess’s smile quickly went away, replaced by a face full of disgust and disappointment. Her wings went severely inward, close to outright pointing at the servant

They also became a lot darker, still a silver-like color, but as if you were seeing it in a lowly lot room, despite the sunshine still coming perfectly through the lone window. Her feathers perked forward as well, but at least now, there seems to be a lot more space on the sides of the room. Despite all this, she still has her eyes set on her servant, and says,”I find this question very harsh, but more importantly, unexplainable. And so, I must ask, why do you believe I already know the answer, servant?” Her tone became harsh.

The servant looked her in the eyes, knowing he may gain hatred from the person he serves, but what he will say must be said. “M’lady, the question further comes from knowing who else participated, and a bit of confirmed knowledge. First, I find it reasonable to believe that everyone who tried to help you fly went outside of this room. Of course that would be expected, as this room is barely large enough to house you wings, and so everyone took you outside. And you couldn’t fly there. That’s worrying, but not worthy enough to become a notable piece of evidence alone. However, combined with your age, and the fact that you could leave possibly leave this room a thousand times if your job requires it, I find it strange you still can’t fly. Now, m’lady, I cannot go further without you answering my question,” he paused for a moment, but moves his mouth again. “No. It would actually be better said that I don’t wish to continue my answer, until you answer my question, m’lady”.

Still looking uncomfortable, the princess decides to follow the servant’s request. “Of course, my servant. I did say that you were allowed to ask a thousand questions, so you must’ve believed that you could’ve received a thousand answers. It’s only fair that I should go through that belief that I indirectly set.” There was a short pause, a pause that contained no movement, except for the princess’s wings, as they are still moving due to the princess’s discomfort. At the end of the pause, the princess started to move her lips,”The answer is yes. The answer to your question is that I do indeed know that answer for the task.”

“Thank you, m’lady. I shall now continue the rest of my thinking. Since I do believe that I find it strange that you couldn’t fly outside this room, I started to think about the reason as to why it might be the case. I highly doubt that you don’t have the confidence to fly, as Sacred Guard or the Foolishness alluded to. You are one of the most praised members of our kingdom, even worshipped by the lower beings. Though, they weren’t the exact same, but similar enough to create a generalized statement. Then there was His Grace, which was fairly easy to gain information from. The answer itself couldn’t be too complicated, as since you are his daughter, he would’ve gone to the edges of the skies searching for any way to help you fly, or at least answer you question. Then there was Intelligence, someone who would’ve been able to at least explain physically as to why you shouldn’t be able to fly. But I’m fairly confident that the size of anyone’s wings don’t matter when it comes to flying. And he probably knew that the instant he heard the question, but still made the effort to confirm it. He most likely found out that you were able to fly through mathematics, yet you couldn’t, establishing his failure. So, you can’t fly outside, but there should be no restrictions, due to your wings or age.”

“And those are merely extra confirmations. I’m sure that everyone born with wings already has the knowledge as to how to fly. Now, m’lady, the question still remains. You have the largest wings, yet why can’t you fly? The answer is simple. You can fly, but only in this room, and when you are called to your duties.”

The princess looked at the servant in the eyes, then looked away, but her eyes filled with tears. Not tears of sadness or joy, but of pain. She started talking, in a broken speech pattern,”You…are correct. Thank you…for being correct.” She stood up, and spread her wings once again. Then she flapped them down, and her entire body rose into the air. The wings produced such a force that even the servant could feel it. From above the servant, she asks,”There is still more to you explanation I assume, my servant?”

“Only one final bit. When you said that you could request to stay in this room indefinitely, you didn’t mention that His Grace could release you from the room. And the reason is tied to why you started this entire task. You’re angry at His Grace, aren’t you?” He says this now with full confidence, still staring at the princess’s eyes.

The princess’s tone did now come with anger. “My Father is certainly to blame for this. I am quite fed up with what my duties are. Being stuck in this room unless he wishes for me to come out. I am angry at how I can not go from this place at my own free will. I am angry at how my servant gets to be able to go wherever he wishes. And I don’t mean ill feelings towards you, loyal one, but that is the issue nonetheless. This was my fate from when I was born, duties given to me without choice. And the anger pushed me to desire some sort of control over my own life.”

“If I am correct, m’lady, establishing the question in which everyone was supposed to attempt, and fail at, allowed you to gain a sense of relief. That relief comes from the knowledge that you have at least once in your life, bested His Grace, by setting a task he couldn’t solve.” The servant laid this out slowly. He knew that the princess was in a lot of pain, but he knew he was powerless to resolve the anger. He started to feel a bit guilty, knowing that he has shattered the bit of relief that princess had.

“What’s worse is that,” the princess started, “Father wouldn’t let me out of this room unless it was absolutely crucial to do so. No matter the amount of love that he has for me, he puts my duty above his own wishes for me. And even if that were not the case, I can’t help but still feel disgusted at the case that I have to depend on someone else to leave this pathetic room.” Her body became dead, even her tears seemed more alive than her. Her wings are still moving allowing her to hover. But their movements seemed slower, as if it was an early sign for her wings to fail her. Nonetheless, she continues, “Even when I am let out, I still can’t fly, even while having the largest wings in the kingdom. And all of that is the source of my anger. And now my relief has stopped due to your ability to think, servant.” The servant’s guilt grew at that moment, making him flinch.

He opens his mouth, knowing that the only things he has left to say will make her feel worse, “M’lady, I understand your living conditions is one of the worst in the kingdom, with your limitations of freedom. And no one has the ability to fully relinquish you from your duties.” The princess started to sob a lot harder, as she realizes she will have to deal with this for the rest of eternity. “I am sorry to put more sadness upon you, m’lady. But I wish for you to understand that no one else could do your job. Your large wings make you one of the most powerful beings in the kingdom. Quite necessary with what you need to accomplish for you duty. Understand that there is no relief for you, but you are special in that you’re the only feeling this pain.”

Through her tears, now falling faster than a waterfall, with herself slowly falling down to her bed, her wings becoming stiff and refusing to work, she says, “That is not something you should say, servant. Even if your name is Wisdom, even of your duty is to say that to me, you should’ve spared my mind from sadness.”

The servant, know feeling incredibly horrible, turned around and opened the door of the depressing room. He steps out, but before so, he says, “I realize what I’ve said will forever trouble you, m’lady, but as you said, it was my job, or at least the job of whoever figured out the task, to say these harsh words towards you. You are Miracle, and have powers far above any person in the kingdom. So while I understand your pain, I also understand the pain’s reasoning for bounding you to this room. Miracle, I hope one day you will find some salvation, no matter if you must lose your identity, or even your life.”

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