The Wicked, Cold, and Evil One

By @LectroNyx

The Wicked, Cold, and Evil One

By @LectroNyx

A Disney-inspired villain song for one of my original characters. A sarcastic and ruthless pirate who isolates themselves from others due to her own post-traumatic stress, Her mystery and grey morality can easily leave one seeing her as a monster.

Inspired by: Guild Wars 2 RP

Chapter 1

I enter the room

And you act like you’re doomed

Because of the scars that I hide

I give a sick grin,

And the demons within

Cheer as they come outside…

I’ve heard your talk

I don’t do that walk

Don’t matter what you say

I’ll tell y’all once —

Can’t reason with grunts —

Now get out of my way…

‘Cause I’m the wicked, the cold, and evil one!

Yep, your rumors are true.

Crush skulls, and eat the brains for fun!

That sound stupid to you?

You open your mouth,

And you spit it all out —

Hardly counts as thought!

If I were to prey on your miserable brain,

I would only find rot!

I close my door to the crowd

Because you ******** are loud!

You drag my face through all this dirt,

As if this heart could never hurt —

I don’t want friends, I just want pay

Gold takes the pain away.

Don’t push me down, I’ll make you pay —

I’ll take your grin away!

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  1. LectroNyx

    This is only a sliver of the big picture. I might post other short stories and such following the character this is sung by and her adventures, in time. I actually have one that I abandoned some time ago, that I might write a very open ending on. You know, like a chapter ending — but without another chapter directly following it. I’ll have to think about it first, though, before I post The Sister’s Trial.

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