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If Love Hurts This Much.

By @Snake-of-Eden

A song about telling someone it wasn't their fault.

I wrote this song with the intent to play it on the guitar. It’s written to follow a basic rhythm. There’s one verse that I am not super sure of.

I wrote about an unrequited love affair, and how my pain was not caused by them with malice or intent. How I still look back and kick myself for the way I dealt with it. Writing this was cathartic for me and I hope that I can one day overlay some chords on it.

You’d say it was your fault.

You’d say it’s you who I should blame.

I’d tell you don’t be stupid.

I’d put your words to shame.

I did this to myself.

It was me and my perception,

Don’t flagellate yourself.

It was my infatuation.

If love hurts this much,

If it causes this much pain.

How do we survive it and then,

Do it all again?

Id tell you that I’m hurting.

So much that I am burning.

I’d ask you for your help,

In this battle I am loosing.

You’d constantly endear yourself

To me from your own throne.

You wrapped around my soul,

Made sure I’m not alone.

If it’s love that hurts this much,

Then I’m in constant pain.

This soul cannot survive it,

And look at life the same again?

If it’s you who I should blame,

Then I’m a fool to my own gods.

Don’t play me at my own game,

You have the very worst odds.

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