Idolize Me

By @MJChatterton

Idolize Me

By @MJChatterton

Opening up about my experience with the K-Pop industry and my adventures in being a former aspiring singer.

Chapter 1

The Very Beginning

Where do I start? When I was about fourteen years old I discovered a musical genre called Korean Pop. Within the first few minutes of my very first Korean music video I was infatuated. It didn’t take long before I felt I needed to be a part of this whimsical and foreign industry. 

   I went to my parents and expressed my desire to be in the entertainment industry. After weeks of convincing them that I would work as hard as I could I was allowed to start vocal lessons. As I walked into my first ever vocal lesson at a local studio I was nervous to say the least. My heart felt like it was in my throat and my stomach was in knots. I had never sung in front of a professional before and I was terrified that I would bomb. A short time after arriving I was greeted by a friendly woman who well call Sarah. My anxiety eased up a bit as I adjusted to my surroundings. I was initially asked to match pitches that Sarah played on the piano to see what my range was like. As this exercise began, I didn’t expect to have any range at all. After I hit the first few notes, Sarah kept going higher on the scale and I kept hitting the notes. To my utter shock, I found out that day that I was whats called a “Super Soprano”. I was able to hit most of the high pitches and had a twelve key / three octave range overall. When my first lesson was over I walked out feeling more confident in my ability to actually be a good singer. 

   A year or so after my first vocal lesson, I was beginning to prepare for my first audition in the Korean Music Industry. I had been practicing my lyrics and performance for a little over a month when I signed up for a JYP Entertainment open audition for foreign talent. I was beyond excited and my nerves were overwhelming. Luckily, I had the support of my Dad, who was more than happy to assist me in any way needed to make my auditions as successful as possible. 


 Now, its important to note that, as I said before, I quickly became infatuated with Korean Pop and their idols. I was in love with the images that these stars put out to the world. I was determined to be just like the female idols that I… well, idolized. I studied every detail about the female idols. How they dressed, how they acted, how they sang, everything. So, a few weeks before my audition, I went out and got black hair dye, cut my hair, got bangs and channeled my inner Girls’ Generation to put together the best idol outfit I could. 

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