A Demon's Guide To Heaven

By @Kittyqueen79
A Demon's Guide To Heaven


Chapter 1

Dark Angel

“Black tears, Blue halo.”

“Purple eyes, Ice hearts.”

Ice sat, staring straight into Louisa’s electric purple eyes. She raised an eyebrow. “Misfits,” she declared, but thought twice, “No, Freaks.”

Louisa shook her head. Would Ice ever understand? “No, no, no! We call ourselves different, or, uncommon. Not misfits, or, freaks.” Louisa was tired of trying to convince Ice that they were more than some old misfits, or, freaks. But the trouble was, that she had trouble believing it herself. She looked around, table, chairs, couch, locked door. She was trapped in her own home. Locked away from the norms, as she called them.

Ice sat up straight, and closed her eyes, electricity propelled it self through her veins. An electric blue halo formed, hovering just above her head. A white diamond appeared on her forehead. Her eyes flashed open. Her lips pursed tightly shut. Her eyes darted from side to side, until they landed on Louisa. Dark Angel with no wings, ha! Her sister’s voice fluttered through her mind. She clutched her fists tightly.

“Control your thoughts…” Louisa said slowly.

Ice chuckled. “I am.” but anger at hr homeland was bubbling up inside her. Her own father, master of dark angels, had kicked her out of his underworld kingdom, simply because she had no wings. No wings, no Dark Angel, no Dark Angel, not my daughter, he had boomed, loud enough for the whole underworld to hear. She remembered the look on her friend’s faces when she didn’t get her wings. It had been exactly seven months since she was kicked out and brought here. Her whole sixteen years of life had been turned upside down. And it had been for the stupidest reason. Just because she formed no wings, on her sixteenth birthday.

All her friends had gotten their wings on their sixteenth birthday, and so had every dark angel, and to think, that The daughter of the Master of darkness, and the underworld, had a child who didn’t. Get. Wings. Seven months of being cast out, being a freak.

“Wow, I’m SO lucky to be here.” she said, unenthusiastic-ally.

“It’s not that bad, once you get used to being around all the different people. You’re actually kind-of lucky you know.” Louisa whispered.

Ice stopped concentrating, and her halo vanished.

“What about the humans, they think they know so much, but everything they believe in, isn’t real. For example gravity. Gravity? They really don’t know anything. They really don’t know that there is a bunch of stupid light angels holding down the day, and a bunch of dark angels holding down the night. I mean, is it that hard to understand?” she shook her head in disapproval to the humans.

Louisa frowned. “It is vital that the humans believe in gravity. If they knew about light, and ark angels, you and all the other angels, light and dark, would be hunted down, until they’re gone.”

“I could care less,”

“Well it’s about time you start caring.”

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