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“I was a landlord for a monster”

By @Nick Meraglio


I am a landlord, I have several tenants I have had no problems with any of them up until 


he was also the first tenant to ever pay me 5 months rent. 

So of course I thought he would be a good tenant. Little did I know what he was up too. This guy he was 18 but one of the worst tenants ever in fact people would refer to him as the dahmer of tenants. 

I know that sounds cruel and no way but he was up there. About a week or two into his stay, our next door neighbor would complain about hearing screaming at 2 in the morning. 

Doors slamming shut glass bottles breaking. You name it. 

Our other neighbor complained he heard yelling last week at 1 in the afternoon on his only day off. 

The fighting grew intense and it sounded as if a fight broke out. 

Which resulted in a hole in the wall. Now we fixed the hole ok, we’ll he didn’t want me anywhere near the room he fixed it himself with some help. 

I’m not sure how all I know is it got fixed. Anyhow I got other phone calls from neighbors who reported a weird smell coming from the apartment. 

Eventually the complaints got so bad we had to threaten to kick him out. 

He told me I couldn’t kick him out because I paid five months rent. 

I told him “watch me” as I gave the money for the remaining four months back to him. He yelled and swore at me saying stuff like

 “I’ll regret this decision” 

we’ll it’s been a few months Later and I don’t regret it. 

Let me tell you on the second day before his eviction notice was up and he had to move out he never returned. 

I saw him leave for work that morning. He never came back. I was annoyed because I had to deal with his crap in the apartment. 

But a few days later a police officer met me in the morning and asked if I rented a room to 


I said yes. About three officers entered the room and wouldn’t let me in. 

They came out and marched away before I could ask. 

I read a few days later in the newspaper that “O’Donnell was currently in jail on three accounts of murder. 

He would bring strangers to the apartment, than he would drug them and he would kill them. His reasons were to see how it felt to take a life.” Sick sick Individual. 

The police found some drugs and weapons in the room and well O’Donnell confessed to where he put the bodies. 

I have that room closed permanently. No one will ever be allowed to stay in that real life nightmare room as long as I am a landlord. 

O’Donnell you truly are a monster and I hope you never see the light of day for the crimes you were accused of especially in my own building.

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