I Thought Home Quarantine is Netflix & Chill

By @Vidhi_Sinha
I Thought Home Quarantine is Netflix & Chill

A poem based on daily life in lockdown.

Chapter 1

I Thought Home Quarantine is Netflix and Chill

I thought home quarantine is Netflix and chill,

Even if I go out, I know COVID19 is on the kill.

These days go about like a turtle’s pace,

I fear I might even forget my friends’ face.

Lying at home doing nothing,

It seems like enslaving.

Parents ordering to do this and to do that,

Saying get up and do something or else you’ll get fat.

Doing homework and spending my time,

Learning about matter and how substances sublime.

Without school and friends life is like hell,

I wish, magic was real so I could at least use a spell.

Running out of books to read, and shows to watch,

My restless self is eager to launch.

Standing with a broom and gawking at the endless hallway,

I now cherish those times at school when we were happy and gay.

I now yearn the teachers and classmates,

And I’m sure this is a moment everyone hates.

As I inch closer to meeting my friends, there is an increase in the lockdown,

3, 2, 1 I’m in the countdown.

-Vidhi Sinha

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