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I Still Love You

By @HailMega

God is calling me back to you.

Thrice I’ve dreamt of you,

           Of you coming back to me.

I acted irrationally when you left,

I blamed you for my shortcomings.

           Though sometimes you hurt me,

           I should’ve been willing to make it work,

                       But then again, so should have you.

                                   But I don’t blame you; I forgive you.

I hope that the Lord blesses us,

That hopefully we’ll work the second time around.

You’re brother still asks about me,

And I hope you still think of me.

           God knows I still think of you.

I’m trying to expect anything,

But my hopes are getting the best of me.

           Because I still love you.

                       I don’t think I ever stopped.

You never really left me,

           My thoughts and dreams kept you here.

                       My subconscious never recovered from the split, even though I thought I had.

May the Lord look over us and bless this second chance.

Saint Anne, Pray for us.

I still love you.

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