I Never Seemed to Like You

By @Vivia
I Never Seemed to Like You

Let it be known to the world that Kana, co leader of the Black Shadows, hates Azuki, co leader of the Black Shadows. But they'll have to work together, whether they like it or not.

Chapter 1

This was a mistake

Kana Hanabi slipped out of Rhinan Tower unnoticed. Mission complete. It was harder than she thought it would be, seeing that there was a group of Red Shadows guarding the target. But no matter. The target was dead, and that’s what counted. She’d have to go report to the Shade now, and he’d wonder if she’d actually failed. She was too fast, that was the problem. So she decided to go get a cream bun to make it look like she was taking time. She couldn’t afford the Shade’s doubt. This was the mission that decided whether she’d become an Opaque or a full Shadow, or better, a Semi-Shade, one who shared the Shade’s power.

It’s 2057, and the nation of Japan is in civil war. Oddly enough, most people don’t seem to know. That’s because it’s not the surface that’s in war, it’s the underworld.

Ever since the fifth world war, when a splinter group of the Unnoticed started to attack the rest of them, they started to separate into different “clans”. The Black Shadows were the most silent and deadly. The Grey Shadows were the most deceiving. The Blue Shadows were the best disguised. And the Red Shadows? They were the splinter group. The most powerful in terms of politics. Kana would be assigned to one of the clans today.

Fifteen minutes later, Kana reported to the Shade. The Shade grinned. “Congratulations Kana,” he purred quietly. “I’m assigning you to the Black Shadows, as a Semi-Shade.”. Kana couldn’t believe it. No one had ever gotten the post of Semi-Shade in the Black Shadow clan before. “But…” the Shade said, letting the word hang in the air. “You need to get to know the Shade quite well first.” Kana froze and almost started to panic. Everyone knew that the Black Shadow clan’s leader had felled the Prime Minister of Midmerica and the Emperor of Korea by throwing one knife. She wasn’t too anxious to meet him, and wondered if she could turn down the job. But it was too late. The door creaked open.

In stepped the most handsome Shade she’d ever seen.

Azuki was so mad, he almost threw his knife at the girl. Sure, she was pretty, with her raven-colored hair, and purple eyes, but she looked and sounded too much like an idiot for him to take seriously. Yes, he’d been listening through the door, and looking through the peephole. Any normal person would have kicked him out as being a sort of perverted person. But never mind. The point was that that kid girl was probably an idiot who would attract too much attention, and sink the Unnoticed down like the Titanic. An idiot who would soon share half of his hard-earned power. He actually considered killing her there and then, but something about her eyes stopped him. Yep, there it was, a subtle glint that showed she was more scary than she looked. He decided to test her. 

“Hey, little girl,” the shade taunted. “No one ever tell you this is a man’s job? Little pretty girls like you should be married by now. No one ever found you cute?” He probably knew he went too far. Still, Kana, demonstrating quite a bit of calm, took out 5 hairpins and threw them at him. He fully expected her to miss. But each and every hairpin sank deep into his pressure points, and paralyzed him. There wasn’t even any poison on them, and he went down so fast! Even her targets needed a dose of belladonna to silence them. She couldn’t believe she was partnered to this arrogant and hypocritical boy (she could tell he was 18, same as her), even if he was a cutie.

 And the Prime Shade started to laugh. He laughed so hard it felt like he’d won a bet. “So, little Azuki,” the Prime Shade asked while pulling out the hairpins, noting that there was no blood on them. Kana must have hit only the muscles. Smart girl. “How do you like your new partner? Don’t ever turn your back on her. She’ll kill you within five seconds. She might have killed me if I wasn’t the Prime Shade”. Azuki stood there, wide eyed, before he started to smirk. He finally might have found his competition.

Kana returned the smirk. This was going to be a fun job. She would play nice for a few years before she killed him. But the Prime Shade seemed to notice what was going on in her head, and held up his hand. “Don’t kill each other okay? I have a feeling you guys willbe the most powerful duo in the Unnoticed. If you guys mess up, you’ll die.” The Prime Shade said in a cheerful voice.

Kana revised her thought. This was going to be awful.

Obviously, Azuki felt the same.

Prime Shade backed up a little. He felt the waves of tension rolling outwards from them. Maybe he’d made a bad mistake. Those two were like atomic bombs. Maybe they’d set each other off and destroy the Unnoticed. 

Or maybe, just maybe, they could win the war of the Shadows for him.


Hi guys! My name’s Vivia, and welcome to my first story I guess. So my chapters will be really short (I’m in mid school).

Sorry for the stupid title, but I had no ideas. Comment down below, and tell me your ideas, and if you want me to add some stuff, or point out grammar mistakes, then please comment below.

Next one’s is going to be normal POV, Kana’s, and the Black Shadow’s Shade (or now Semi-Shade) POV.

Just to clarify, once one other person has been assigned as Semi-Shade, the current Shade of the clan must give up half of their power and transfer it to the person in question. No wonder Azuki hates her.

(This is me writing in yesterday’s tomorrow, but I’m going to be writing little stories from now on. Check out tomorrow’s A/N)

Cya guys:)

Vivia (Mizunohi)

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