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Maybe Just Maybe

By @Glitter_Girl08

You know me

when I don’t

You listen to me

when no one else cares

You care about me

when I push you away

You get mad when I’m mad

even when you don’t know who I’m mad at

When I’m hurt you save me

and when I fall you pick me back up

And I know

That you are hurting now

I know how miserable you are

I know you didn’t want this

I know you’re in pain

And it makes me so sad

and I feel so helpless

I wish it was me and not you

But it’s only 500 miles

And we have FaceTime

And text

And I know it’s not the same

because nothing is

the same

As listening to your laugh

Comforting you when you cry.

Nothing is the same

as making eye contact across the classroom when someone says something

that reminds us of each other

But maybe it’s close

maybe it’s doable

maybe we can do it

Count the days until we see each other

And talk on the phone on the days between

Maybe we can do it

Maybe you can make new friends, pass your classes

Maybe I can find a way to live away from my best friend, missing all the big moments

Maybe, just maybe.

It will be okay.

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