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I Love You

By @katedavis713

I Love You

I love you

3 words,

8 letters,

And so many meanings.

I love you,

That’s what you said every night,

Then you went and turned your back on me,

Instead you were facing her,

You threw everything I ever gave you away.

I cared for you the way a gardener grows a seed

Hoping you’d blossom into a beautiful flower,

Instead you grew into a prickly cactus,

Now you’re just another thorn in my side,

For another gardener to manage.

And I’ve started a new garden.

I’m better without you,

I’ve found someone new,

Even better than you

He treats me like he is the gardner and I am the most beautiful flower in his garden.

He makes me happy when he gives me his red Skittles,

He makes me laugh when he puts his glasses on upside down,

When I see him I smile.

I know what you did to me,

Was for the better.

Yeah it hurt, like when ripping off a band-aid from a still healing wound.

But now you’re gone,

And I have someone,

Who means it when he says,

I love you.

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