I live in an era where the world is still young?

By @LivingOtter
I live in an era where the world is still young?

Starting off in the new city of fire, Kyle Raine was one of the only few that has the blood that will one day become a water knight... At least if he was in a place where there's people like him with water blood. Kyle: what's this? Why does the air taste cheap? Is it because its freedom? Am I finnaly free from being a walking turbine engine?

Chapter 1

Are We Finally Out?

” Ok, I’ll count to three then pull the door open.” (old man)

” we only have one chance, not one mistake is allowed. We just have to snapped the guy’s neck, that’s it”

(big guy)

“why are you all looking at me…? Yes, I understand” (Kyle)

Muttered Kyle after getting glared by everybody. Finally it’s time for Kyle to escape this place, so he definitely won’t screw this up. After transferring to different places(as if getting a promotion) where electricity was needed but too hard to procure and working his ass off to receive a meal, he had enough.

‘but what’s this? I’m getting nervous that it felt like I’ll faint! Wait… What was the plan again?’

The old man sigh. It is as if he knew this would happened at this crucial moment.

“ill repeat the plan just once more for whoever that forgotten it”

Kyle shrugged his shoulder and had an expression as if he was innocent.

The old man and big walked back to the turbine, helping Harry out while explaining the plan.

“first, Harry and Hachiman is going to continue turning the turbine while using as little mana as possible. Then when I opened the door, you’ll have to drag the guard down and keep him silent.”(old man)

” then the rest of the plan will definitely come back to you” (Hachiman)

Added Hachiman with a low baritone voice. Without much time to waste, the old man went back to the door while Harry and Hachiman do what they had to. Kyle too went to the door, warming up his nimble body.

‘just like before, don’t mess it up Kyle! You can do it’. Kyle thought as he was nervous to the point of having cold sweat and forgetting reality.

“1….2….3…. NOW!”

Old man pull with all his might at the door that we broke a while ago, looking like he was not even old. As soon as the door broke opened, Kyle focused on finding the guard. Finding the guard standing guard on the right of the door, Kyle reach out his arms and wrapped it around his neck tightly to prevent him from making any voice. Simultaneously, he jumped a little and stick his right knee in the guard’s abdomen and leaning back. The guard ended up falling forward and had his face smashed to the ground.


groaned the guard while still in Kyle’s embrace… ‘***!’ Hachiman ran out at the same moment and kicked the guard’s face and he fainted on the spot.

“sigh… I knew this would happen” (old man)

“Eheh.. Hehe..”

Kyle made an awkward laugh and quickly got up from the spot. There was no time to waste when all are placed on the line. The rest did the same with Hachiman in the front, old man as the first runner up and Harry as the 2nd runner up.

“it’s sad to be the last”

“Oh shut up, you know very well its for the plan”

chuckled Harry while he retorted Kyle. Kyle also let out a similar chuckle. They all ran along the right hall at a speed where Usain bolt might be shocked of. Well he really would as this was an era where all of mankind would look like a superhuman to the previous.

As they ran along the narrow hall, old man shout out the direction and the hall to go through as if he knew this place like the back of his hand and Hachiman did as he told. Then after who knows how long, the sound of people catching up resounded. Running footstep sound came closer and closer till it reaches a point.

“right at the hall at the left, get ready there!” (old man)

Hachiman did as he told without a word again while the ither three continue to run straight. Hachiman hid at the corridor and got ready for an ambush. While everything was happening, ringing sound echoed in Kyle’s ear. He was nervous. It always happens when he was about to do something scary. His eyesight became a little blurry and time seems to have slowed down a lot. It was better than before when they were waiting to tackle the guard as the time had passed and he got less nervous.

*dupdup……. dupdup*

The sound of his heart beating right in his mouth resounded until

*BAMM! *



Hearing the sound of collision Kyle turned around quickly and started rushing back. In his field of view was

Two guard smashed inches into the wall. They had been crashed into the wall by Hachiman after slipping on the wet floor Hachiman prepared. With their head still intact but hands twisted in an unsightly manner, they were probably still alive…. Probably. With the weight of Hachiman added into the crash, it makes people wonder if he was an elephant’s descendent.

“Wow Hachiman! So that is why we each feed you a quarter of out meal!”

While saying that, Kyle ran in with his hands behind his back and plams opened as if holding a raseng*n, and water droplets sipped out of his palm and form a small baseball sized water ball. He swung it down towards the floor with his hands sliding the floor and arcing upwards, the ball of water touched the floor and created a small water wall that seems to spike up. The water that spikes up in high velocity contain a huge force that typically isn’t seen from a 15 years old. All the work he did the pass few years had paid off!


“Hahaha!!! I guess I won’t sue you for child labour abuse!”

The water spikes, albeit looking thin and small, smack exactly at the balls, abdomen and chin of a guard that was running towards them. He was momentarily shocked and stunned. Kyle did not miss this opportunity and did a jump and kneed the guard in the face. As everyone was like a superhuman, such little kick won’t knockout a fire soldier, even though these were one of the weakest.

The nervousness from before was nowhere to be found in Kyle as he was slowly getting the vibe. He sat on the guard after the guard fall and creates a layer of water over his palm while slapping the guard in the face.

“Engg! Kyakk…. Harder daddy!”

The guard moaned…. Wait, what? The guard moaned?! Kyle’s eyes widened for a moment and looked at the guard with shock. Everyone there, even Hachiman and the guards who were fighting an intense 2v1 battle was stunned and look at the situation with Jaws dropped. But that only happened for a quick second as the guard who woke up after having his…. Instinct…. No, his trauma triggered grabbed Kyle’s wrists and swung him to the wall.

The guard stood up in embarrassment and swung his fist that cought on fire into Kyle with great speed. Having noticed it, Kyle turned and rolled away from the punch. His fire fist barely missed Kyle and smashed an inch into the wall. But he didn’t stop there and turned a 180 degree and smashed his heel towards Kyle who was on the floor and repeated the spinning and smashing as Kyle continued to roll away.

‘****, I can’t keep this up’

In the end, having reach a dead end with his back facing a wall, Kyle felt despair for a moment.

“Ehehehe!” (guard)

The guard smirk and made a short and sneaky laugh.

“Ehe… ehe?”

Kyle awkwardly laugh back while tilting his head and had his palm together as if begging.

“No” (guard)

“OHHHHH! ***! ***! ***! ***!” (Kyle)

As if finnaly getting his revenge for embarrassing him, the guard got into a firm stand, fire covering his whole right arm and he swung it with a big arc into Kyle.

But just before his fist reach Kyle, Hachiman had reach behind him and kick his long gigantic leg upwards into the guards balls… Oof… ****…

” KYAAAAKK! (guard)

“OH ****! OOF! But thanks Hachi” (Kyle)

“you’re welcome, but he didn’t seems to dislike it”

Hachiman said with a bitter smile. Without forgetting to help Hachiman out, Kyle stood up and ran pass him to meet one of the guard who was left behind when Hachiman rush for Kyle’s rescue. As the guard swung his fire fist towards him, Kyle catch it with two hands that was covered with a larger water sphere. Even while needing to move back a few step to catch the fist with less impact, the water evaporated, leaving a small steam burnt mark.

“Hiik!” (guard)

The guard was shocked with eyes widened but Kyle didn’t lose the momentum and spin 180 degree and elbowed the guard in the neck. This time, the guard was unlucky and a vital was hit. He was knocked out on the spot.

“Wohoho! That was cool Kyle!” (Harry)

“Eherm… Water bloods should move like flowing water… And call me brother, show some respect!”

Kyle replied with a boastful voice, looking dignified with his chest up. Although they might not be from the same mother, Kyle was still one year older than Harry. He was taken care by the old man when he was left out few years ago just like Harry. So they could be said to be siblings after spending so much time together.

“come, we have to go now” (old man)

After having dealt with the guards up front with Harry a while ago, old man came to receive them and continue on the journey out side. While running out, Harry asked old man as he was curious.

“old man, how come you know all the route and how come there are so little guards? (Harry)

” it’s because I have some deep connection within the guards and it took a long time to planned this escape out. Today was chosen as the escape day because most of the guards are receiving important people to the city and had to ensure their safety and public order”

(old man)

Then the door leading out side cam e into their view. A rusted metal door that seems to have been abandoned. It took the elephant descendant and the old man to push open the door and walah!


The door slowly open and light shined though the gap. Bright, orange, warm sunlight. When the door opened, a beautiful sunset could be seen. The light shone onto their skin, and made everyone teary.

*inhale deeply*

“Ah…. The warm breeze” (old man)

“Ahaha… Hahahhaha! We’re free! We’re finally free!” (Harry)

“*sob* ohh what’s this? *sob* is this grass? How can air be so cheap!” (Kyle)

“you want to say because it’s freedom?” (Hachiman)

Kyle ignored him and only focus on taking in the feeling of freedom. Although there’s still a way to freedom, Oldman did not want to spoil the mood and kept quiet.

This was the new start of the four.

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