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I Got Isekai’d In a World That Hates Me

By @Saikoes


All these normies around me, they don’t even realize how much I hate all of them, Jia thought to herself, I just want to go home and read my Isekai-fantasy-manga with the yuri bait, cute lolis, and misleading catboys.

Jia scoffed at a couple that passed her in the hallway, she tucked her head, held her manga closer to her, and trailed out of the school building.

Jia put in her earbuds and began listening to her favorite anime openings at that moment, those songs were just better overall than any normie music anyone at school would listen to.

Blasting her music, she crossed the road with no care, and soon felt herself weightless before crashing hard into a windshield. Before Jia knew it, she had just died. Game over.

Man, is that my manga on the road? She thought to herself as sirens blared in the distance, It’s all ruined, dropped in a puddle and stepped on… How awful.

The ground was cold, Jia opened her eyes to a scene that was unfamiliar, a small woman standing in front of her. Looking all around all Jia saw was a sea of stars, she sat on nothing, just seeming to float through space.

“Jia Yinuo,” The woman said, “It is about time we met,”

The woman turned to face Jia and then extended a hand to her, “It is very nice to meet you, I am God,”

Jia looked to the woman for a moment before smacking her hand away and hopping up, “How. Dare. You.” She growled.


“I’ve lived on this planet for fifteen long ass years and now God finally wants to show up? I don’t even care what you want with me, just send me wherever you’re going to and call it a day,”

“Listen for a moment!” God squeaked, “I’m going to reincarnate you in another world! Just like I know you read about all the time!”

Jia recoiled in shock before smirking and nodding to God, “Very well, I guess it’s my divine right to have my greatest fantasy finally revealed isn’t it?”

“That’s-” God sighed, “It’s not like that, this world needs humbling, and as my Chosen, you shall bring divine retribution down upon them! Understood?”

“Ehh… Not really?”

God heaved another sigh, “Complete dungeons, make friends, show off your skills, humble everyone that criticizes you,”

Without another word, God waved Her hand and Jia was thrust downwards, plummeting quickly before losing consciousness.

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