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I Forget How To Smile

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

I Forget How To Smile

I was knocked down so many times

I forgot how to get back up

My bones were broken so much

I forgot what the sticks and stones felt like

I’ve earned so many bruises

I’ve lost count of them all

I’ve been lonely for so long

I forgot what it felt like to be loved

I’ve cried so many times

That I have no tears left

I’ve thought so many scary things

That there’s no longer anything happy to think about

I haven’t been happy in so long

That I forget how to smile

I have looked in the mirror so many times and only saw ugly

That I forgot what a skinny, pretty, perfect girl should look like

I feel like I haven’t had anyone care about me

That I’m not sure anyone does anymore

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