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I don’t cut

By @krwritting

but sometimes I want to.

I don’t cut 

You see the scratches on my arms and assume

Of course you do

How else would a damaged girl like me make it through 

Without needing to be reminded that it’s ok to be tired 

It’s ok to fall astray

As long as you don’t lose yourself too much along the way

I don’t cut

And it’s not that i’m okay 

And there aren’t days

Where I wish I could make the pain go away

Where i’m practically ready to pray

To a god I don’t even believe in 

Not since I was a kid

Not since my faith way taken

And shaken

I don’t cut

And it’s not because of the promise I made you 

in middle school

Before I got to feel the real pain of this world 

And understand all the **** I was gonna be put through

That’s not what stops me

That’s not what bothers me

Trust me I wanna bleed

I wanna be cleaned 

From this toxicity 

I need that release

None of that stops me 

It’s simply the fact that 

I already hate everything about me 

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