I change him?

By @Lovelybabe111
I change him?

Caleb Finn...innocent until...I found his true identity

Inspired by: Caleb Finn Tiktok...just Caleb Finn PERIODT

Chapter 1


“Babe?”He said entering the area in which I had run off to. I couldn’t speak.I felt terrible I’m such a hypocrite.”Babe?Where are you come out”I shook my head NO.In the midst of the darkness I could see his figure.He wasn’t the tallest but he was taller than me. He heard the sound I was making from a bush.no please don’t come this way I thought as he slowly came my way.The tears that were originally shed had dried.My face was filled with new ones.Ones of terror pplease Caleb please go away I thought as he grabbed my arm.

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