I Can (WIP)

By @Khiari

I Can (WIP)

By @Khiari

Sage was taken by a mysterious but cruel organization who wanted her powers, she escaped, with some help, and is now determined to take down the organization who dared hurt her and her family. Note: May be jumbled, lots of snippets, read at own risk!

Chapter 1


“Don’t let them get to her!”

I open my eyes and sit up, having heard the voice as clearly as if it were in my own room.

Penelope is standing by the door, listening, and she waves me over.

“Something big’s going on,” she says as I get up and stretch, trying to play it casual for the camera in the corner. “I can feel it. C’mere and listen.”

I walk over to the door and press my hand on it. A small section of my red hair turns blonde, the color of Penelope’s hair, and I feel amplified, like someone’s given me super-hearing.

“Wow.” I say, feeling waves of terror and pain crash over me. “Literally big. That something’s tearing the facility apart.”

“That’s an understatement,” Kathleen giggles, appearing at my other side. “They’re destroying it. C’mon, now’s the perfect time to break out! Ready?”

I nod, and Penelope and Kathleen merge with me. Instead of a small section of hair turning blonde, my hair splits into three equal colors, blonde, black, and red.

“Let’s go.” I say, and I begin my escape.

I should probably do some introduction before I go any farther.

I’m Sage… something. I’ve forgotten my last name since I’ve been in captivity for the last… I think it’s four years now. I dont’ know, I’ve forgotten that, too.

But I do know this: I have superpowers.

A few years ago, a mysterious organization found me and captured me, wanting to get to my powers. They had to break me first, but they haven’t able to, thank the stars.

My parents, on the other hand, disappeared the day I did too. I don’t know if they’re still alive, or if the organization found me, or if they escaped.

Because they have superpowers, too.

I still have no idea how they met, and how they had me. I mean, what are the odds of the possibly that the only living telepathic and telekinetic superpowered people meet each other, fall in love, and have a girl with both of their powers? Those odds don’t even exist, that’s how rare it is!

I’ve had my powers as long as I remember. Levitating objects was one of my favorite pastimes, granted one I could only do at home, and hearing people’s thoughts was another. It’s pretty cool, if you can manage not to creep them out at the same time.

I can’t just do it whenever I want, though, not really. I have two ‘imaginary friends’, sisters, more like, who merge with me to let me use their powers. Penelope gives me telepathy, and Kathleen gives me telekinesis. I don’t know where they came from, or why I’m the only one who can see them, but they aren’t malicious or anything. They’re just… there.

Penelope and Kathleen taught me how to use my powers, because my parents wouldn’t. If you think about it, they were scared of being found out, because they’d heard rumors of mysterious organization kidnapping some of their other super friends (odds of that don’t exist, either!), and they were trying their best to lay low. We moved every so often, and we didn’t make much friends, either.

Of course, this organization caught up to us.

They surrounded the apartment complex we’d moved into. A few agents were in the building, keeping an eye on us. Somehow, they miscalculated, attacking when my parents were out working late. I was alone in our apartment, and I wasn’t going down without a fight.

Once I heard them, I shook the building’s foundations. It was a matter of seconds before the entire building fell, inwardly collapsing. I’d hit the inner columns, all along the central elevator shaft, and managed to implode it without getting myself trapped.

Well, not too trapped.

I was still buried under rubble, as were the other families who were in the complex. I managed to dig myself out, but when I reached open air, they were waiting. The organization captured me that night, and that’s the last I ever got of the outside world.

Until now.

“Ready?” I say, and I feel Penelope and Kathleen’s agreement. They can’t really talk when they’ve merged with me, unfortunately.

“Let’s go.” I take a stance, then throw a punch at the sealed door.

A large fist-like impression is stamped onto the steel, and I try again. Another impression joins it, and the door finally gives. I take a calming breath and check my knuckles. Even though I didn’t touch the door, my telekinesis could still damage my hands.

I step out and feel a cold draft. Shuddering, I remember my paper- thin gown and look around, expanding my telepathic bubble, trying to find a scientist whose jacket I could take. I feel small waves of panic and follow it, knowing that I’ll find someone who can explain what’s going on.

Most everyday, the facility around me is buzzing with activity. People are always going to and fro, something important on their mind. I could glean information off them, but today, there wasn’t anyone nearby.

I turn a corner and hold my hand out, stopping the sci in his tracks. He cries out, in pain from me holding his muscles, and I turn him around to face me.

“What?” He sputters, astounded to see me. “What are you doing out of your room? Didn’t someone come to collect you? Nevermind, it won’t matter. There’s a monster on the loose, and not one of ours! If you don’t run or get to the bunker, it’ll catch you.”

“What kind of monster,” I say, my throat rasping from underuse. “Not one of yours? What are you talking about?”

I pull him closer to me and put my other hand on his head. He shrieks again, then slumps as I burn through his brain, finding relevant information and copying it, just before I destroy it.

“That’s all I needed.” I sigh, pulling his jacket off him and going through the thoughts that had been swimming through his head. I see brief images of a… lava dragon? Maybe the image got garbled, but there were also four teenagers whose faces kept coming up. No names, just fear and terror. I wonder if I should avoid them or find them. If Ebon was scared of them, they might help me. Or maybe they’d kill me.

Suddenly, I feel rage. Pure, undiluted rage. I forgot that my bubble was up, and I shudder, the emotion surging through me. Groaning, I hold my head, feeling Penelope and Kathleen yelping in surprise.

“What is that?” I whisper aloud, facing the direction it came from. “What in the world is going on?”

Curiosity ebbed from Kathleen’s side of my head, but stubborn refusal was from Penelope’s. I listen to them fight for a bit, then start walking towards it, sensing the rage die down. It was still pulsing, but just not as strong.

“We’ll see in a bit,” I whisper, pulling apart a nearby doorway, making jagged makeshift knife. I edge towards the wall, readying to attack the person coming this way.

A girl rushes past me, then stops, turning towards me.

“I almost didn’t see you there,” she says, her voice thick with an accent I can’t place. “Good strategy.”

I look down at myself and realize that I’m hovering an inch off the ground.

“Who are you?” I demand, focusing my attention back on her.

“You’re one of the experiments, an Extraordinary.” She says, ignoring my question. “How did you get out by yourself?”

“Like it was hard,” I scoff, reaching out towards her, trying to get a read. She looked… odd, to say the least, with red skin, white hair, and a strange accent I can’t place. “I just didn’t have a good distraction. Who are you, or should I say what are you? I felt rage explode from you, and the scientists are afraid of you and three others. Are they here, too?”

“Telekinetic and telepathic,” she mutters, sizing me up. I gently stroke against her consciousness, but she doesn’t even flinch. “No wonder you’re here. As for who I am, why don’t you figure that out for yourself.”

I reach out even farther, skimming just underneath her consciousness, but a beast roars at me from within her. I shriek, jumping back and crashing into the wall, Penelope and Kathleen rushing to get away from me. My hair turns back to its’ normal shade of red, and I’m on the floor, shaking.

“Aari, that wasn’t nice!” I hear the girl saying. “I let her in. You think I couldn’t stop her if I wanted to?”

I raise my head and see that she’s focused on a particular spot, as if she’s talking to a someone, or something. Penelope and Kathleen give me a look, wondering if this mystery girl was similar to us, in a way.

“You have someone else in your head?” I ask groggily. I feel like I stuck a hairpin into a socket.

Mystery girl gives me a strange look, then says, “In a sense. What makes you think that?”

I give Penny and Kat a wary look, but Penny nods, trusting the girl.

“I have two. They’re kind of my powers.”

“Interesting. I’ve never met a Extraordinary like that.”

That word again. “What’s an Extraordinary?”

“A person like you. Maybe born ordinary, powerless, but something happened to you that made you different. Let you do things no one else could, like levitating yourself.”

“There are others like me?” I ask, shocked. “Are they in facilities like this, too?”

“No, no. Well, not by our doing. Some get captured, like you, and tested on, weaponized, but the ones we find we send to SAFE, the Specialized Academy for Extraordinaries, if they want to go. If not, we can make arrangements for you somewhere else.”

She pauses, as if listening to an earpiece, then says, “We gotta go. It looks like someone tripped the self-destruct, leaving us 15 minutes until detonation.”

She looks at me, then asks, “Are you coming?”

I stop and think for a bit. I could find my own way out. Penny helped me map the facility years ago, and even when they’d remodeled, and I could find my own way out if I wanted to.

I look at Penny, silently asking her if this girl was telling the truth, and she nods. Kat sizes the girl up, giving me a thumbs-up of approval once she deemed the girl an ally.

If I went with her, with her friends, I could go to SAFE. I could be safe, for the first time in a long time. Maybe I could have friends of my own! Maybe I could belong, grow my powers.

And tear Ebon to the ground.

“Yes.” I say, resolve making me stand up straight. “I’m coming with you. But, first, what’s your name?”

She grins, exposing sharp, vampire-like fangs, then says, “I’m Raia Iathorr. Nice to meet you…?”

“Sage. I’m Sage.”

“Nice to meet you, Sage. C’mon, this way.”

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