I can hear you

By @moon
I can hear you

When her parents decide to shift to their hometown at the beginning of her senior year, Mia is relieved unlike any other person her age. She looks forward to a new beginning for her life when things start going awry as she starts discovering secrets. Is she gonna get her new start or is her curiosity going to be her enemy yet again?

Chapter 1

your thoughts

I’m blinded as the white light floods the entire cave, coming brightly out of that tiny hole in the wall.

It must’ve lasted two seconds and then all the light recedes back into the hole as if a vacuum pulled it all back. I try to make sense of what happened while my eyes adjust to the sudden change in brightness.

Then i regain my composure and start looking for my friends when i start hearing weird sentences even though it’s impossible that anyone could be close enough such that i can listen to them. I look around but no signs of anyone besides Devon. I hear his voice saying ” this was absolutely mad” and “I told everyone it’s a baaad idea but when i notice his lips aren’t moving and he’s looking at me with the same confused look.”

To be honest though even after all the events of the night he still looks pretty cute.

“Really? I look cute? You shouldn’t be thinking that right now but still awww” i start blushing and exclaim “you can hear my thoughts as well?! “

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